Hasta LA vista, babe

“I can’t believe this I climbed this mountain for you,” she said excitedly one hand on her mouth, one on his waist.

She was breathless, shivering but in a pleasant shock for she couldn’t believe a coward like her would become so daring for him.

He stepped forth, smiling. One hand in pocket one on her shoulder. “Okay, let’s test your love.”


Close your eyes.


“Close them,” he ordered. “Don’t ask questions. If you’re actually crazy for me.”

“Alright,” saying she closed her eyes. Smiling in heart, thinking he might kiss or offer a present.

He paused a while then moved backward. Touched her waist and dragged her further towards the edge.

“Where are we going?”

Its a surprise. Keep eyes close if you love me.


“Say..I love you”

Ha ha..she smiled at his demand and screamed to the top of her voice, “I Love you.”

Say again!

I love you, Amour!

“Well..” He stepped backward to push her down the cliff, laughing.

“Hasta LA vista, babe. Don’t need a woman as crazy as you are in my life. Hasta LA vista!


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