Our Little Angel

“We love your cutie, Nazir,” Amna squeezed the baby’s cheeks. She was Nazir’s sister.

“Oh thank you. I am obliged,” Nazir bowed with gratitude. He was so happy to have his first baby doll. The-three-days-old had beautiful eyes, red cheeks and a healthy body. It was her ‘naming’ ceremony.

The room was full of guests. They had gathered to see the newborn. Younger or elder all were happy. Some were taking selfies with her, some were pinching her cheeks and some others kissing her forehead. Nazir’s wife was sitting near the cot. She was a bulky and less active due to fatigue. The baby’s cot was surrounded by women, children and girls. They were all wishing and showing their love for her.

“Awww..shoo shweeet…” Rehana said, spreading a forceful smile.

“Oh…little angel,” Rehmana took her in her arms.

“She is our baby,” Aqsa, the baby’s maternal aunt said.

“No…no give us. She is our’s,” the baby’s paternal aunt, Rehmana claimed.

“She’s ours. She lives with us.” Aqsa insisted.

“No, we love her more,” Rehmana denied raising her eyebrows. “So, she is our little angel,”

“No, we love her more, so she is our little angel,” Aqsa folded her sleeves.

“Give us to me. she is my little angel,” Rehmana asked and took the baby in her arms.

Soon half of the family parted claiming, “paternal family loves more,” while half of them argued that “maternal love is greater.”  Turning the cerebration day into a chaos. Baby’s mom and dad were awe-struck but happy, “See how much they love our daughter,” Nazir thought.

Feeling cold in the hot discussion, the little girl vomited on one of the aunt’s new shirt.

“Ewww…….” the women passed the baby to Aqsa.

“No, don’t pass her to me. I can’t stand the smell,” she ran from the room.

“Rehmana, please hold the baby for a while,” baby’s mom requested who had trouble standing.

“Ewwwwwwwww…….bad smell, no thank you. Please ask somebody else,” Rehmana pinched her nose and left the room!




One thought on “Our Little Angel

  1. Love is about loving the whole (not by part)….
    ….aur, mehboob wo hai, jiska bura bhi acha lagay.

    The post brings out in an interesting manner, the duplicity of our social + relational issues, which have started to become part of our personlities…

    The superlative form of love that a human can have for a human is, the love of a mother for her kids…. And Allah’s love for us is so many times more than a mother’s love for her kids….
    I think, this the best and biggest simile ever known… 🙂

    God bless those who love others without the temptations and interests…. They are pure hearts…….pure humans…


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