Short story

Short Story

I am very excited today. A friend of mine at office brought spaghetti for me and it was yummy. I loved it and asked for its recipe. I wanted to try it out. But I am afraid whether mama allows me to make it or not. She is strict and does not like mess.

“Yes sweetie, you can make it”

“Thank you mama” I jumped with joy running towards the kitchen.

My husband, Rehmat is out for three days and I want to learn this recipe so to make it when he arrives.

Bahu! (daughter-in-law) bring a glass of water,” mama requests.

I went to take the water bottle from the fridge but there was no water in it. I checked the refrigerator for ice but to no avail.

“There is no ice. What to do?” I said to myself.

“Bahu…..why are you so late” mama shouts from the television lounge.

“Coming…” I answered and quickly poured tap water for her. Rushing to give her water, I start panting. I have a breathing problem.

“Why are you so late?” mama goes red.

“There was no water,” I am still outa breath.

“Then where did you bring it?” she peeps in the water.

“from the tap” I told the truth.

“WHaaaaaaaaaaaat, did you give me tap water. How dare you bring polluted tap water….for me? You wann me to die?” Furious mama called my husband.

“You want my mama to die?” My husband called me.


“Yes, mama does not lie” he says and sends a divorce next morning!



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