Runaway Spirit (3)

“Why did you take my dolls,” throwing my school bag on the floor, I shout on top of my voice.

“No. these are mine.” Posy answers screaming back. She is sitting on the bed, playing with one of my favorite dolls. She has tiny dresses in one hand and little pink shoes in the other. “I hid them from you,” I frown. Because I couldn’t share them with her. Seeing she plays tears come out.

“I am preparing Barbie for the party,” Posy says casually.

“No, you can’t play with them. Papa brought them for me. You can’t even touch them. You don’t allow me to play with your dolls,” Though my four-year senior, I am not afraid.

“Don’t lie, cheater, I never said this,” reddened with anger, she squeezes her eyes and jumps from the bed to grab me.

I shout and rush to the other side of bed. And then back and forth again. We are after each other.

We keep playing hide and seek in the room. As we couldn’t go out or aunt Shahida would be angry. She is sewing her maxi. and wouldn’t like the mess. An idea comes to my mind and I hide myself in the bed. She follows me. And pulls my legs from the back. It is a great time to take revenge. I kick her back and she pulls again.

“Ouch…”I scream and pull her hair in revenge. Her pony is in my hand.

“Ouch…” she shouts on top and nips my leg.

“Maaaaaaa…….maaaaamaaaaa…..”I yell.

Listening to mama’s name. Her tone softens. “Let’s come out. Don’t call mama. Let’s settle it ourselves.”

I come out. However, still insecure about her, I say, “let me call papa.”

“Well, there is no need.” She picks her barbies quickly.

Knowing she would not listen, I run towards the phone stand.

“Don’t call papa, if you call him he will be angry,” she takes a leap and snatches the phone cradle grinning.

“No, let me call him now,” I say sternly.

“Please, please…let’s play together, sweetie,” she pleads with forceful smile on face.


I move toward the side table secretly. I don’t want to wake my sister up. “Shhhh…” I say to mama who is lying next to Posy.

“What are you doing, honey?” Mama asks.

“Shhh….I need the pink sequins barbie dress,” I whisper. It is 10 PM the same day. Posy is sleeping. She has to go to school. I am on leave tomorrow. I wanna play. And more accurately, I wanna play with her beautifully stitched dresses. I want my barbie to wear them.

“Don’t take them or Posy would be angry.”

“Don’t worry mama, she wouldn’t know this,” I ensure. There is sparkle in my eyes and revenge on my mind.

“But this is stealing,” Mama says.

“No, this is revenge,” I disagree.

“How about she gets up?” Papa says. He is back from office. Done with dinner and television. He is checking a file.

“I am going upstairs to play with them. She wouldn’t know this even if she gets up, but promise you guys wouldn’t tell her,” I feel insecure.

“Yes, we wouldn’t,” my parents say altogether. (to be continued…)



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