Hola Spain: Salamanca (11)

Chapter 11: Salamanca

Salamanca or Castilla y Leon is another great city of west Spain known for its educational environment and blooming culture. The third oldest university of Europe is also located here. It was established in 1218. Not only this, it is also popular for country’s purest Castellano. Learners of Spanish come to the city around the year to take courses.

The airport of Valladolid is the easiest way to reach Salamanca as it is about 200 kilometers away from Madrid. There is however, another local airport operational for national and international flights. It is about 15 kilometers from the main city.

Sights worth-watching

Salamanca has extreme weathers both in winter and summers, most delicious pork cuisines and most gorgeous dancers of the country.

The educational institutes, ancient churches and palaces that are made with a special stone called Villamayor stone which turns golden with sunlight. This is why Salamanca is also popular as the Golden City.

11th Century Cathedral

There are basically two Cathedrals instead of one, located at Plaza Juan XXII. They are built in the pure Romanesque and gothic fashion. The whole interior is amazing but the 15th Century 53 paintings of Virgin Mary and Christ are matchless. They are depiction of their life scenes that have gracefulness in them. They are painted by most popular and well known artists of their times involving Dello Delli. It has a chapel with medieval age bishops’ tombs. There is also the Last Judgment fresco from the old times. Terre del Galo is a wonderful tower which is named after a special cock. The old Cathedral is joined with the new one which is equal in beauty and charm.

University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca was one of the oldest universities of the world. It was the main educational institute of the Middle times. It applied the Copernican system when church did not even recognize it. Spanish most famous author of Don Quixote was a Salamanca University student. The University façade is elegantly decorated. It was originally plain but was upgraded and stylized in the 15th Century. There is lavish silverware work done on it known as Plateresque décor. This makes it a superb piece of artful and fancy architectural techniques.

Patio de Escuelas

Adorned with Baroque and Renaissance buildings, Patio de Escuelas has an air of ambience of its own. Various important university buildings are located here: Hospital del Estudio, Escuelas Mayores and Escuelas Menores etcetera. These buildings are also beautifully made and elegantly adorned. There are elegant cravings that belong from the olden periods of kings and queens all over the place, attracting hundreds of tourists every day. University library is also located to the south side. It is also a masterpiece of decorations on the ceilings. These paintings depict astronomical knowledge about four winds, constellations and zodiacs etcetera.

Plaza Mayor

Considered as the grandest, Plaza Mayor has a lot to offer to the tourists. It is lined with graceful and exquisite buildings, uniform in style but different in significance. Started in 1729 and completed in 1755, Plaza Mayor also has Town Hall and the Royal Pavilion. Being vast, spacious and wide, Plaza Mayor served as a venue for bullfights, festivals and ceremonies of the city. Many famous restaurants, pubs and cafes can be found here to make evenings more beautiful.

Casa de La Conchas

Located at Calle Compania, Casa La Conchas or house of Shells was built in the Renaissance period for the Knight. Most beautiful and noticeable thing at the House is the scallop shell decorations all over the walls and façade which was once the symbol of pilgrims traveling towards the Santiago de Compostela. The outer wall of sandstone has over three hundred shell scallops. The most appealing time is when sun is high above because it creates a majestic and alluring effect in the building. There is gothic style entrance and gorgeous wrought iron grills that grabs attention.

Other notable buildings and places of Salamanca include: Clerecia, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum, Convento de San Esteban, Convento de las Duenas, Domus Atrium, Zamora, Plaza de Anaya and many more.

Salamanca’s old towns and encircling streets have a lot to offer to the tourists. Besides Plaza Mayor is a colorful bazaar and several eateries. This place directly goes to the University of Salamanca, Palaces, the Cathedrals, Casa de Concha and all other major places.

Hotels, restaurants and clubs

And its highest rated hotels are: Hotel Rector is a bit away from the city center and opposite to the Casa Lis; but still near the Cathedral and the University. Closer to the museum is the Salamanca Puerta de la Cathedral. It is a historical building with latest amenities, modernized rooms and delicious food. And some steps away from the Plaza Mayor is the Room Mate Vega. It is a stylish and spacious boutique hotel offering great services at low prices.

Near the Plaza del Peso is a great restaurant called Casa Paca, it has scrumptious food, amazing interior and very friendly staff. Don Mauro is another restaurant which is near to the Plaza Mayor. It has superb food, active team and great location. Palacio Prado Restaurant, La Calma, and Materasturias Restaurant are some other places to dine and enjoy your evening.

Some of the highest rated include Clavel Ocha, Var 22, Club Venus, Country Bar, El Faro and many more. Clavel Ocha is situated at Calle Clavel. It is known for its cocktails and fun at the peak of night. Var 22 is an Indi music club that is vibrant and active from 10 PM to 4 AM. Check out these jam-packed fun clubs to celebrate your Spanish nights!

Other useful information

Salamanca is an attraction for both young and old. There are historical buildings and most modern clubs, discos and pubs. There are different sides and areas for each age group in the city. However, note not going at clubs or discos before 10 at night or you will be sitting alone.



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