Hola Spain: Cordoba (6)

Chapter 6: Cordoba

Cordoba is one of those fancy world heavens where Muslims, Christians and Jews live together peacefully. It is also a culturally and historically important part of Spain. The main attraction of Cordoba is Mezquita. It is a different structure and can be taken as the main highlight and representative of the city. But it is not the only place to talk about. There are many others too. For instance, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the Juderia, the Roman Bridge, the Episcopal palace, the Plaza del Potro, Torre de Calahorra, the Albolafia Mill etc.

Cordoba is a must for all nature lovers for its scenic beauty. It is basically a protected park known as Sierra de Hornachuelos. The park has a rural air. The place is full of lavish scenes and vast and fertile lands. The famous River Guadalquivir flows through this part of the country. There is Medina Azahara, an ancient main city of the 10th century’s Al Andalus. Medina Azahara is serene, soothing place with a lot to tell to its visitors.

Cordoba has a local airport where one can easily find a cab for reaching destinations. It is a city full of fun, enjoyment and love.

Sights worth-watching

Although all best sights at Cordoba city cannot be listed; however, some of the best names with details are given here:

Medina Azahara

7 kilometer from Cordoba is the shinning and magnificent Medina Azahara. It is interesting for all but particularly for those who love to unveil the Hispanic-Muslim legacy. Between 936-976 the king Abd-ar-Rahman III ordered to build Medina in the city outskirts. The built palace was no doubt the finest example of the splendor of Al-andalus. A legend says there is a love story behind the construction of Medina Azahara. The city had a 60 to 70 years life span and it was burnt as a result of war.

Today, Medina Azahara is a National Monument of the country. It is declared as the “Heritage of Humanity” by the UNSECO. It is unique and different in terms of decoration and construction and has spread over hectors.

Archeologically, Medina Azahara is the largest site in the country. It has a beautiful palace and a mosque which grabs attention. The palace is in good shape and can easily be visualized in mind. The most important place to see is the Rich Hall or the Abd-ar-Rehman III Hall which is decorated beautifully.

Sotos de la Albolafia

Sotos de la Albolafia is another place worth-going at Cordoba. It is basically a natural monument which is stretched on the River Guadalquivir between two bridges: San Rafael and the Roman Bridge.  The name is taken from the ancient waterwheel of the Moors. The Sotos de la Albolafia is famous for its birdlife. There is a huge variety of birds that can be spotted here which is a surprise in itself because the place is not more than 2 hector. It is home to many endangered bird species such as ospreys and squacco herons etc.

Other than that, there are little bitterns, black-headed gulls, black-crowned herons, white storks, black kites, northern lapwings, avocets and moorhens. Not only this, there is also a variety of plants to baffle one’s mind such as alders, eucalyptus, ash, poplars, tamarisks, brambles and oleander.

The entire land is covered with greenery and vegetation. It is a fragrant and spectacular all around the year especially in the flowering season. It becomes pink, yellow and green in spring making it an ideal place for romance and nature lovers, bird watchers.

The Sierras

Sierras means hillside scenery and it is aptly given to the place which is an ideal for those want to shun urban life for some days. With its mesmerizing hill landscape and tiny towns, the Sierras grabs attention of many. It is famous for world’s finest wines and olive oil. The place is an ideal for tourist activities such as camping, hiking and walking etc.

There are limestone peaks of the Natural Park, Sierras Subbéticas to the south, the Cabra town which has a museum, beautiful mansions and churches. The famous Subbéticas visitor center is also in this town. Sierra Morena is a hilly area to the north of the Sierras towns. There is uniqueness in this region. There are no white-washed houses like the other Spanish areas. They are made from granite. The natives are mostly coal-miners and have a simple lifestyle. With magnificent hill-top buildings, Belmez is a green hilly part of Sierras that grabs tourists’ attention which resembles a fanciful, Hollywood movie hill town.

Other places in Cordoba include Mezquita of Cordoba, Juderia, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, Plaza del Potro, Calahorra Tower and Palacio de la Merced etc.

Hotels, restaurants, clubs

Balcon de Cordoba, Las Casas de La Juderia, Hotel Viento, Hotel Don Paula are some of the best hotels to welcome tourists from all over the world. Among them, Hotel Balcon has the highest rating. It is a small but exquisitely furnished and ideally located hotel in the city. There are cars, cabs, trains, buses and all other transport options easily available. While five best restaurant names of Cordoba include La Bicicleta, Noor, ReComiendo,Bedegas Campos and Choco .

Other important information

There are lots of interesting things to note in Cordoba. For instance the Mezquita pillars are not of the same height. It is the city of artists, philosophers and some well-known scholars of the world. Surprisingly, it is sensuous, sentimental and seductive-try is must!


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