Hola Spain: Seville (5)

Chapter 5: Seville

Seville is the southern face of Spain. It is a metropolitan of Andalusia and is one of the biggest metropolitan of Spain. It occupies the river Guadalquivir valley which was once an important harbor and from where gold and silver was imported.

It is well-known for its rich heritage, culture, monuments and traditions. Flamenco was born in Seville where wonderful Easter celebrations take place. It is a city of life and opportunities. The places to visit in Seville are innumerable such as the world’s third biggest Giralda Towers,       the Reales Alcázares’s Palace, the Santa Cruz, the Maestranza,

The city is linked with Madrid with the help of a super-speedy train, AVE. It has an airport known as  Aeropuerto de Sevilla. Seville enjoys nice Mediterranean weather throughout the year. It’s temperature remains 18 degree on average throughout the year. December brings rain and March brings spring. January is the coldest and August is the hottest of all months in Seville.

Sights worth watching

Mesmerizing Seville attract tourists all around the year. There is a lot of fun, entertainment and art to explore here. It has some most important sights and monuments. The east coast of the city has plethora to offer: the palace, Cathedral of Seville and Santa Cruz; whereas the more historically significant buildings are situated on the western side such as, the Isla Magica park, Triana and Expo buildings etc.

The Cathedral

The world’s third largest cathedral is situated in Seville with all its grandeur. The great explorer Christopher Columbus’s tomb is also in the cathedral. It is built over the ruins of the ancient mosque, Almohad. Therefore, it is a mix of Spanish and Arab construction style. It is the largest altarpiece and the Gothic building in the continent Europe. The cathedral is the emblem of power and wealth. It was build from 1402 to 1506 century. There is an extra dimension of height and the whole cathedral is made of gold.

La Giralda

There are only three minerals left in the world built by the Almohad dynasty architects. One of them is the magnificiant La Giralda. Today, it is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville. It is built from 1184 to 1196. It is the finest of the three remaining Almohad minarets, Marrakesh and Rabat. It is a fine example of trelliswork which is unique from all sides.

The towering Giralda does not have staircases. There are wide ramps instead. There are beautiful buttresses and gargoyles all the way to impress the onlookers. The construction, interior, sculptures are all worth a look.

Reales Alcázares Palace

A splendid and matchless palace was built by the royal architects of Castile kings. King of Spain stills resides in this ancient palace. It is basically a combination of a group of palaces rather than one. All have different architectural techniques. Mudejar, Christian and Muslim construction styles mix with each other. Not only this, the Alcazares gardens are also ready to baffle a wanderer’s mind. There are carved walls, ceilings, spacious chambers, a graceful Lion’s gate, fascinating Patio de la Monteria, golden and cream Palacio Mudejar and so many more. Gardens of these palaces are also awe-inspiring. There are colorful flowers, lush green landscape and breathtaking aroma all around that can make any tourist love sick!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is another great place to pay a visit in Spain. It is located at the heart of Seville and a typical Hispania’s Barrio. Houses are white, grilles are ironed and streets are narrow. 15th century Casa de Pilatos also belongs from the place. There is Archivo de Indias and Azcabar and a beautiful cathedral to pay a visit to.

It is the oldest part of the city. It was built by the Romans back in the first century. Hundreds of tourists come to see the “real Spain”. It has narrow streets made to serve two purposes: shade and to confuse the enemies. There are patios that become green and sweet-smelling during the spring season. There is so much more to explore in the Santa Cruz from the historic Jewish quarter to Plaza Santa Marta, Plaza de La Alianza and Plaza de La Escuela de Cristo etc.

Square of Spain

Another great attraction of the city is the Plaza de Espana, situated in the park Maria Luisa. It is a renaissance style brick building with tower at each side. It is perhaps the most impressive after the Spanish Cathedral. There is a canal flowing in the square with four bridges. One can sit in a boat to view the square. This is why Plaza de Espana is also known as “the Venice of Seville.” There are bright blue and white colored ceramics that displayed everywhere in the plaza. Many famous movies such as Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars are filmed here.

Other great attractions of the city are: Torre del Oro, La Macarena, Italica, Donana (largest park), and Carmona.

Hotels, restaurants and clubs

Some of the world’s most generous hotel staff lives here. Corral del Rey, Holos, Casona de San Andres, Vertice, El Ancla, Gravina, Dona Lola are some of its most famous names. El Ancla is the cheapest and Corral del Rey is the most expansive hotel to stay. Seville is also not short of worldclass restaurants such as Eslava, La Azotea, Az- Zait, Blanca Paloma and La Bartola etc. Seville’s Flamenco is the world famous. Artists from around the country perform this dance every day.

Other useful information

Seville is famous for its Flamenco music, artists and dancers. Seville is home for the bullfighting tradition which is known as “a corrida de Toros” meaning “running of bulls”. The bullfighting season begins from March till October. Major religion in Seville is Catholic Christians; while minorities include: Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. (to be continued..)


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