How to succeed in Life

Success in Life

We all want success in life. But unfortunately, not all of us turn a winner in end. It is not that we have not tried for it. Or life had been so mean with us. It is because we all have a typical meaning of success. Generally, we think success comes when our goals are achieved. What if you come to know your failure was actually success. Your downfall was not downfall, it was elevation; or your low moments were the most precious of all in life? So, it is all about perception and changing your definition of success.


3 thoughts on “How to succeed in Life

  1. So true… the perception and understanding of failure can be a game-changer, if it is recognized a the most appropriate time…

    As they say, “Success is failure turned inside out…”

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  2. From a blog post:

    After having studied and researched hundreds of people across human history, who were regarded successful, I must say that like “hero”, “successful” also is very much relative in terms of community-thoughts, conceptualizations, nations, schools-of-thought, social norms, religions, cultures, etc. However, the definition that I found in Soorah Al Asr was the most relevant, most beautiful and most true: “Eemaan, Good acts, Enjoining Haq and Enjoining Sabr”…[Al Asr: 3]

    I’d agree that what most people define success as something that involves materialistic gains through occupation / profession, and unabated popularity among people. This definition is perfectly okay. I’d summarize it as: Rizq and Izzat.

    The honest part is that we all gauge success through this same very criteria, and not from Soorah Al Asr…… + In a society that we live in, the benchmarks of success are worldly and we are all part of this society. We like it or not, our conformations are to the social standards and to break the social inertia is a difficult thing to do.

    I state to explain that that real success is the result of conforming to Creator’s Will and Criteria (fame and wealth will come handy). Most important challenge for Parents should not be the future success of their kids in terms of fame and wealth. It should be in terms of Eemaan (Attitude, Habits), Good Acts (Qualities & Attributes, Skills & Knowledge), Enjoining Righteounesss and Steadfastness (Integrity, Moral Courage, Concepts & Mannerisms).

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