Hola Spain (2)

Chapter 2: Major Cities Worth a Visit

Splendid sunrises, mesmerizing sunsets, vivacious nightlife, scrumptious cuisines and breathtaking sights make Spain a place worth to visit. The part of earth not only offers a mix of regions but also a rich and diverse culture and heritage.

A rough sketch of some major cities of Spain is drawn here (in the form of words) to see the beauty, diversity and charm of the country.


One of the most modern cosmopolitan and Mediterranean city of Spain is Barcelona with medieval remains and Roman era buildings and is a finest example of the last century avant- garde culture and modernism. UNESCO has declared some of its most remarkable buildings to be the “World Heritage Sites”. These include masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, a popular Catalan architect.

Barcelona has a long history belonging from the Roman times. It makes the city a culturally blessed city. Barcelona loves promoting it and for that many events, exhibitions and shows are arranged at a large scale. Moreover, the city loves celebrations and festivals that are more apparent in its neighborhoods of Sants, Gracia and Poblenou.

Barcelona also depicts its culture and modernity in its creative and novel gastronomy, based on fresh fish, garden produce, olive oil and sausages variety. Old-age sparkling wines, traditional pastries and handmade cakes are some of the dishes that reveal Barcelona’s gastronomic culture.

Walking around the city can also be a great and surprising experience as each corner of the city has something to offer-be it an ancient quarter, century’s old cathedral, marvelous seaside, emerald space with novel facilities. The city cleverly welcomes its future and embraces its past. It encompasses some of the extra-ordinary infrastructures that are demanded as venue for synopsis, seminars and various other national and international events. It has a modern transport system, hundreds of attractions, shopping centers, boutiques, high class restaurants, hotels and bars that make it ideal for pleasure and business, both.


Madrid enjoys the status of being the country’s capital. It is the administrative, financial and economic center with wide spread cultural roots in the ancient times. It has ideal location on the Iberian Peninsula which increases its historical among all the European cities. Interestingly, its relationship with the future equally strong as there are latest facilities, most refined services, avant-garde technologies and seamless systems operational in the city. These characteristics make it an open, dynamic, friendly and high-spirited metropolitan of the world.

Madrid’s “aristocratic center” in the Plaza Mayor where the beautiful and magnificent Royal Palace is proudly standing; it is a 17th century Royal House built on classicist and Baroque’s style. Near it is the Teatro Real opera house, modern cathedral and Plaza de Oriente square and many other attractions.

There are over 60 museums in Madrid on every field of knowledge. Most highlighted among them include Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum with over 800 masterpieces of arts, Prado Museum and the contemporary art museum, Reina Sofía National Art Centre that showcases paintings of the most accomplished artists such as Picasso, Jaun Gris and Salvador Dali etc.


On the banks of the flowing Guadalquivir, dances the Seville with all its brightness, shimmer and rich Moorish background. It was once an affluent trading port. Seville is a treasure of world heritage constructions and ancient culture. The two districts are fine examples of it: La Macarena and Triana. The place is also a busy business hub with lots of hotels distributed everywhere in the city to facilitate tourists and traders.

Seville is a jam-packed fun with plethora of attractions such as theme parks, museums, art and cultural centers, theatres, clubs and cinemas. And without forgetting the “go for tapas” tradition, the city provides inns, bars, terraces and pubs for it.

And if you have interest in festivals, Seville is the synonym to it. Enjoy the Semana Santa or Easter Week and the entertaining April Fair in the city. These festivals say a lot about the friendly and open character of the Seville natives. Not only this, the city is also blessed with natural attractions such as Sierra Norte and Donana Nature Reserves that sit between the two continents. These places are great for hikers, horse riders and cycling-lovers. And if, Golf is want you like to play, Seville offers four outstanding golf courses in its neighborhood.


Keeping the essence of Spain alive, Cordoba also breaths the air of old and new together. It was both the capital of Umayyad Caliphate and Hispania Ulterior (far-off Spain). One notices delicacy and sophistication in the city as the houses and buildings are white-washed, alleyways and streets proper and intelligently planned. The heart of the city is its Mosque-Cathedral which also signifies its importance during the medieval era.

To creating a balance, Cordoba is also very modern with latest business hubs, hotels, restaurants and entertainment zones. Well connected is its network of transportation that can take you to your destination within minutes. AVE train is one example of it. The high speed train picks passengers from all other major cities within minutes.


Toledo or the “city of three cultures” is another impressive city of Spain. The title is given because three different civilizations lived together peacefully in the city: Jews, Arabs and Christians, enriched Toledo with multiple legacies and artistic buildings from churches to mosques and from synagogues to fortresses and so on.

“Most Holy Corpus Christi” procession that is considered as the International Tourist Interest takes place in Toledo each year. The 190 BC old city is replete with interesting places and monuments such as Plaza de Zocodover which is the busiest Toledo’s attraction. Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, on the other hand is another appealing but unusual building to see. And to the southern side is the majestic view of the flowing Tagus with lash green valleys and beautiful landscapes. The River is home to many rare species of birds.


Bilbao is socio-economical hub of Spain and home to millions of people. Unlike other cities, Spain’s modernity is more prominent in this city. It is dynamic with latest attractions for tourists such as Euskalduna Conference Center and Concert Hall, Normon Foster’s Metro canopies and stylish towers of the city.

Bilbao is a fertile region and is surrounded by serene waters, deep coasts, sunbathed beaches, steep mountains and mazy forests. All these make Bilbao an ideal combination of manmade and natural and so a great tourist attraction.


Situated near the Atlantic is another historic city called Corunna. The famous Hercules Tower stands here. With a collection of pacifying beaches, serene air and calming coastline, Corunna allures its visitor to stay forever. Near the coastline are rows of abodes with glazing white balconies and clean air, known as Avenida de la Marina. The characteristic of these houses have given Corunna the title of “Glassy City”.

Other than this there are tens of museums, national monuments, Romanesque architectural buildings such as the Santiago church and amazing Santa Barbara convent etc.


Yet another historical and city of great honor and importance is Granada that lies between two rivers Genil and Darro. The city of Granada is replete with modern structures and Renaissance buildings, historical places, natural landscapes, lavish gardens and calming beaches.

One can see modernity merging with ancient times at the simple cave havens of Sacromonte. Modern man still live there with all top notch facilities from high speed internet connection to fast transport options. The green city can baffle any mind while taking a walk in the city as there are exquisite cathedrals, spacious conference halls, luxurious hotels and excellent transport system. Granada is a must-see for all wanting to travel for leisure or business purposes.


Some 212 kilometers from the main Madrid city starts the golden, magnificent city of Salamanca. The city regarded as the oldest hub of learning and knowledge as the first European University was established in the city that became the alma mater of many great Spanish thinkers, authors and artists.

Salamanca is also considered as a great destination for Spanish learners as the purest language is spoken in the city. Linguists and critics of the language come to Salamanca for gaining knowledge. The city creates a link between the northern and southern Spain through the crossroad Via de la Plata. And above all, Salamanca turns golden at dusk because of the reflection of the sun on its beautiful palaces, historical museums and national monuments. So, get to Salamanca to watch sundown and how it transfers the environment into a magical and the most romantic city of the world.


Elegant Santander stands over the bay and is another tourist destination for the world. The landscape gives impression of an artistic painting with emerald mountains and sapphire sea embracing it. It is rich in marine and trade traditions that date back to centuries. Main places regarding these are La Magdalena Peninsula, the promenade and El Sardinero coastline.

It is an artistic city that organizes many festivals, functions and national days to enjoy and celebrate year round. Not only this, Salamanca welcomes everyone to explore its impressive cathedrals, luxurious palaces, fabulous gardens, breath-taking parks and vigorous nightfall.

In addition, Malaga, Donostia, Valencia, Zaragoza, Palma Majorca, Cadiz, Pamplona and Marbella are some other attention-grabbing cities. In short, Spain does not disappoint a visitor. So, make your plan and explore the cities. (to be continued..)















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