Respond positively

“What is the difference between animals and human beings?”I asked my murshad (teacher), one day.

“Animals are those who are fixed. Human being are not.” He replied.

“Fixed, how? I can see them moving from one place to the other.” I argued.

“Their minds are fixed, beti (daughter/dear pupil). Human minds are not. We are given free will.” He said.

“What is free will?” I asked further.

“Free will is the choice to respond to things, either in a good or bad way. We are made “responsible” for our deeds, actions and interests. Animals are not. They are not responsible or have free wills. They follow a specific set pattern. We do not.” He explained.

“But one can also follow a specific pattern in life?” I asserted.

“That would again be his choice. No man in this world is bound to anything. We eat, sleep, work at our own wills. Some of us follow specific patterns’ at our own wills. Some do not.But there is one thing that is common among all-our responsibility. So, to understand life, understand your responsibility. Remember that you are free. Then why do not you enjoy this freedom and respond positively?” He stated.



2 thoughts on “Respond positively

  1. Aala..
    Simple aaaaaaala..

    …..and choice comes with baggage. Baggage is the cost of choice.

    Baqoul Bano Aapa, there are two types of people. Jaan’nay waalay, aur maan’nay waalay….. And what comes with choice is something tough. That is responsibility.

    When you are given a choice in life, understand well that it is a critical moment. What we are today is the result of our past choices. What we will be tomorrow will be result of today’s choices.

    Saahib e Raaye se, Saahib e Hal hona behtar rehta hai…..almost in all scenarios….

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