Time out

Difference between nice and not nice people is:

not nice people may be rude, have short tempers, outspoken but they would rarely have strict time outs. Nicer ones on the contrary, may be more patient but once they are done means they are DONE (I am like that). We cannot tolerate after time is out!


5 thoughts on “Time out

  1. Demanding to saas hoti hai (gents: read biwi..)

    Fun apart, nice people must have one thing in them: Decency.

    “Time out” or giving chance-pe-chance has to do with so many other things, which I am sure nice people cater for, when they are DONE.

    When it comes to relationships, you have to be forgiving, compromising and patient proportionate to the value of relation. While their sincerity demands swiftness, the ground realities may be different, because each one of us is unique.

    Aik quote yaad aa gaee….
    “Beware of the fury of a patient man…”

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