Birthday gift by my youngest sister

She talked about stars, moon and skies. But no one wanted to listen because all they wished to hear was about her salary and bank account. She wrote a poem, but all they could say was, “it is gibberish,” nothing more, nothing less.

She sang her favorite song because she wanted them to understand its lyrics but all they could hear was her flat voice and irregular rhythm.

She told them she found sunset and sunrise both magnificent and splendid. But all they noticed was she did not wear any amulet or crown.And they rejected saying she is plain and simple so is a sinner.

She fell and cried but did not stop. She was depressed but did not lose hope. She fought and fought until one day, she proved them wrong, eventually.

She kept moving like flowing water. She stopped reaching out and closed all doors. But kept doing her favorite things secretly that no one knew. She did not talk, she did not speak. But kept taking steps forward.

Leaving them awestruck and wondering why she chose to distance herself from mob. Why she was away. Why she was different. They thought she was crazy. They tagged her as mad and a lunatic body!

She paid no heed. Because she knew no one understood her, no one could listen. And no one wanted to see her beauty from inside until one day, she rose and shimmer on the horizon of the sky; danced across stardust and sang to the seas. There is glitter on her face and crown on her head. Stars smile at her and sun and moon welcomes her everyday!


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