Making match

“It is a great match, darling. Do not say no. Groom has a great job, high rank, pay above 1 lac, brand new car and a big house in the capital,” my aunt counted benefits of a suitor.

” So?” I replied making a face.

“And he is the ‘only’ boy with no siblings, no parents. You will be very happy with him.” She argued.

“Wow….lone guy, no siblings, no parents would make me so happy. What a definition of happiness is to you, dear aunt.” I smiled in heart and said,”I am still not agreed. I don’t want a ‘package’. I want a companion.”

“Such people do not exist.” She sighed. “Do not waste your time. You are already getting old. And men do not marry older girls so you would miss ‘the golden chance,'” she insisted.

“Well, I do not want such a ‘ golden chance’.” I opposed. “That’s not my problem if somebody says no for my age or the package I offer. Men can certainly say no as it is their ‘right’ to look for a ‘better package’ like you are looking for me right now.”

“Girl, you are so blunt. Do not you know he is higher in rank than you are. He can give you happiness for life.” Infuriated by my stubbornness she frowned.”Remember, this attitude would not get you any match.”

“Do not worry, I do not want lots of value-added services and rank but no heart. Please do not ‘hunt’ for me if you look for those things only.”

“Okay then stay a loner,” she shrugged shoulders.

“Thank you, I am happy alone than being with a wrong person!”




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