All I know is that I love you (final)

“What happened?”

The couples saw each other surprisingly. It was shocking to hear that noise when the romantic journey had just started. It happened within seconds and nobody could understand anything.

“I hope everything is okay,” Max looked here and there though he knew something went seriously wrong. Sarah, closed her eyes and the other girl held her husband’s hand tightly. Ryan tried to listen to the strange noises of the aircraft.

But before they could understand, an intercom message drew lines on their faces, “there is an emergency. Evacuate!”

“What has happened?” Ryan thought and wanted to get up. But another jolt threw them back.

“Flames…” Max yelled looking out of the window. Hearing, Sarah and all other passengers became horrified.

“The aircraft bumped into something in fog and caught fire,” a fellow traveler informed.

“Move, move.”They heard somebody. Transforming joy into fear and chaos. Ryan could feel heat, fumes and smell. Women and children shouted out loud and crew, tried to help. “Move to the doors,” A flight attendant said.

The couples were also affected. They rushed with other passengers towards the emergency doors. Smoke was engulfing from the windows and doors.

Sarah was half awake, half conscious. She was scared to death. She could not face the agony. Her heart throbbed like hell and she felt dizzy.

“I cannot jump,” Sarah said faintly. There was redness on her face and her eyes were popping out like corn pops from the corn machine. Ryan on the other hand was keeping his senses strong.

“Come on, we cannot waste time.” somebody yelled. “Jump”

Ryan could see death from a yard’s distance. He was sure that was his last moment and his biggest challenge was to protect her. He had height phobia. But that was the only life saver.=At last, he decided to hold her in his arms to jump.

He closed eyes and said his prayers to slide with her. He was sure that was his last chance. Fire was behind him and death in front.

Depressed and shocked, Ryan threw himself. Soon he reached the ground. He could still see smoke, fire, fog and a pack of breathless passengers running from the runway. His eyes could not see anything more horrific than that and mind not in place.

News of the plane accident spread like fire in jungle. Soon the fire brigade and ambulances arrived. The victims were taken to the local hospitals. Although the fire damaged a small part of the aircraft. But the trauma it brought was much more than that.  It was basically an examination of their strength and inner power.

And fortunately, there was no death reported. However, it injured many. The accident was named as a ‘miracle’ by many.

Ryan and his wife were also admitted. Ryan recovered soon. But his spouse was seriously injured. The beautiful lady had ankle injury  and had not came out of trauma yet. Ryan was also advised for bed rest.  Max and his wife were also admitted for a day for general checkups. They met Ryan and inspired him because of their relationship. ”Max is fine and happy even after accident. He did not break somebody’s heart like me.”He blamed his past betrayal for the accident.

There were hundreds of people visiting them. Family, friends, partners, clients, coworkers, team members, siblings, cousins, locals, concerning authorities- millions of messages, millions of ‘get well’ cards and bouquets. But he liked only one rose, lying vacant to a bed side. There was purity in the simple flower as compared to empty sentiments. He realized that for the first time. The flower was from Bianca! She also went to see the couple. He expected anger or ridicule but he was not right. “Hello, thank you for the rose.” He said quickly without seeing her eyes.

“Are you guys all right? Is she okay?”

It is so sad to see you guys in pain.” Bianca sat next to his wife. She held her wife’s hand who was lying unconscious due to relaxing pills. Bianca’ eyes soaked with water and had hoarse throat. “I prayed a lot about your health and safety. I was sleeping when I heard the news from a friend. And could not stay in bed…” she wanted to justify why she visited.

There was something very special about that moment which made Ryan regret his decision. She stayed with them and helped his wife recover quicker.”Thank you dear, I did not expect you would come.” Ryan said on their last meeting. She was moving to another city and Ryan to the other.

Driving back, she recalled everything from their first meeting to the last which brought tear drops to her eyes. Sad and happy, she drove faster and shouted out loud,”all  I know is that I loved you!”


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