All I know is that I love you (11)

Bianca sent a gift and a “happy marriage” message to the couple. She lied in bed that day. Not ready to work or enjoy. Her friends knew she wasn’t fine but for others she had ‘flu’. She was on leave for a week.

“The marriage ceremony was magnificent,” a coworker told her. “It was celebrated in his lakeside mansion. The entire place was wisteria laden. Purple, pink and white fragrant flowers hung on our heads and pure velvet carpet under our feet. Oh dear, it was a superb wedding. And you know the best thing about the event was it gave me chance to meet with my favorite Hollywood celebrities. See our photos.” The colleague was a chatterbox.

Seeing photos of his wedding triggered old days again. She recalled her mansion visit with Ryan, a night before his engagement. She felt sad how the guy manipulated her feelings. “Please keep this between you and I. I do not want haters to see or talk about us.” He used to say.

“I want to sleep Julie,” depressed and nostalgic Bianca laid down on bed again, indicating she wanted Julie to leave.


Morning 8 AM

There was fog all around the town: trees, plants, grass, buildings, cars, road-everything was covered with it. Their car took a turn and stopped near the air port. The couple came out and boarded the plane quickly. Anyone could tell from their gestures that either they were lovers or newly married.

The girl wore a shinny diamond ring with matching ear rings. She had long beautiful hair, sparkling eyes and cherry-red lips. Long shoes, designer handbag and princess-like clothing told she was particular about her appearance. And the guy with her was also equally sophisticated and elegant.

“Max, I love you so much,” girl pressed his hand warmly.

“Love you too, honey,” his eyes brightened up with smile. He was no more than 27 but seemed maturer than his age. There was serenity in his gait and happiness on his face.

Next to them was Ryan and Sarah’s seat who were also travelling to Vegas for honeymoon. They were excited about their trip.

“We would visit each place there,” Sarah said.

“Yes, But first I want to show you my most favorite attraction over there,” Ryan showed her a photograph of a beautiful blue and white building which was decorated with glitter and gild.

“Oh my wonderful!”

“See the name on it.” Ryan zoomed the photograph to show something to her proudly.

“Oh gosh, I cannot believe my name on it,”

“Yes sweetie, that’s was the surprise I was talking about,” he said.

Suddenly, the plane stopped with a jolt. (to be continued…)


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