“Open-minded girl”

I told them I am open-minded and they opened their mouths as if something blasphemous was said. But they were happy in heart which their eyes whispered. They had been interpreting me to be an-easy-to-reach, easy-to-achieve, easy-to-manipulate girl who is too ‘open’ to absorb any shit they would just say!. They took me wrong, honey. They had been taking me as ‘frustrated’ to seek ‘love’ like other women.  I think “desperate” is the right word for that.

Does ‘open-minded’ mean ‘desperate’, I often ask myself?If I am easy to absorb anything. Adaptable and open to accept others, does that mean I am open-to-exploitation? Sometimes, I think and become sad!


8 thoughts on ““Open-minded girl”

  1. Open minded is a dimension in the five factor model of personality to indicate the ability to accept newer view points or opinions. Not close minded and liberal , humane etc.

    Any other sexual meaning attached to it , is usually a close minded , opinionated, sexist milieu.
    Perhaps that environment is not conducive to growth.
    It is sad when women have to apologize for their opinions or views aand watch their backs each time they open their mouth , second guess them selves….. 😦

    Be your self. Do not ineroject anger , direct it ouwards….. you will not be sad….

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  2. In our world, meanings of words are not defined, explained or found. They are perceived and interpreted…

    Open-minded was wrongly interpreted by (probably) educated people who did not fall in both categories (in complete sense of words): educated, as well as people… 🙂 .. They were at the most, qualified individuals.

    …and then the meaning of open-minded from a typical “open”-“minded” man is not good to know.

    Someone who cannot respect a lady cannot respect anyone, and anything. To me, it is an important litmus test in assessing personality. Want to see a nation’s future? See how do they treat their girls, ladies and women. Urban India is notoriously dangerous for females. In Pakistan, we observe the relationships of mothers and sisters stated in worst of vernacs and abuses hurled. Such things translate into an overall lack of manners and courtesy in society, and for sure, added up with lack of regard for the very gender (which is just not a gender…..it has loads of roles to play, most important being raising and grooming a generation) and deliberately keeping them backward in education, denying their just rights (such as inheritance, choice to marry / otherwise, etc) and such other norms (read abnorms), ends up into a social degeneration over decades and centuries.

    Open-minded is a word so different to many. Ironic it is, but all of us translate and relate at least some of the words with perspectives, connotations and experiences rather than standardized meanings from dictionary.


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