All I know is that I Love You (10)

Days passed quickly and soon she compromised with life. Forgetting him was not easy but that was all she could do. She had to forget that her days began and ended with his name once. She had to forget the time when Ryan was a must for life. She had to forget that she could not think anything else but Ryan once.

In the beginning, she cried, remained mad, and even became depressed. Her friends and family tried to help but nobody could change a stubborn heart. One has to show willingness to change himself. And Bianca was also not ready to change her state. She was not willing to let go. She was not ready to accept the truth. “It matters to me,” she shouted one day alone. “It was not a day. It was my whole life in that day.”

But life is a great teacher. It taught her to breath without him, ultimately. She learned there was no use to recall the person who was not even aware of her state. Who had no idea what he did and was not even bothered about that. He was happy with his girl friend turned fiance. Even knowing that Bianca had subtle feelings.

At first she decided to quit his job. But there was no use leaving as Ryan was shifting to Italy in two months. There were rumors that Ryan would not return again. “How great my life would be,” Bianca imagined with tears in her eyes. Nobody could say what actually she meant at that time.

On the other hand Ryan’s engagement news spread like fire soon. Everybody was congratulating the couple on their ‘engagement party’. There was dance and romance spread in the air. There was music, roses, candles, cakes and love everywhere. Bianca was also invited. At first she cried like hell. Then got ready to challenge her patience.

She attended the party but inside there was something killing her. To soothe that she went to a side, oblivious of the fact that somebody was watching over her.

“Why are you here alone, Bianca?” Donna came all the way from the second floor from the party to locate her. “Everything alright. Want a drink?” Donna kept asking till Bianca paid attention.

She was standing near the fish aquarium playing with fish, happy and sad at the same time.

“Alone? No, I am with fish,” Bianca shrugged shoulders, watching silver jellyfish dancing in green water.

“Come on, I know why are you here.” Donna said meaningfully. “Let us come inside and enjoy,” she further made a triumphant face. Donna had some kind of excitement in her eyes that pinched Bianca. At first, she ignored but soon she learned to face her.

“Yeah, let’s go,”she looked straight in her eyes. She knew Donna’s plans and never wanted her to succeed. “How did he use you?” Donna asked with a toxic smile. “What?” It was so unexpected for Bianca that she could not understand what she asked.


While on their way back, Donna remarked again, “It is so difficult to see your blank check going in someone else’s hands.”

“Yes, it is indeed very difficult to see people happy.” Bianca couldn’t stay quiet. “For instance you. See you never want him happy.” Pause. “You are always chasing him and his loved ones… like a shadow.” Bianca was unstoppable. Her sadness probably turned into anger. It was revenge, hopelessness, desperation or all-nobody could judge!

“No…I did not mean that…mmm…” Donna’s wine glass almost fell from her hands. She lost balance and to maintain she held Bianca’s hand. Her eyes bulged out and her face was crimson… resembling a tomato. “mmm..”She tried to babble again as she did not expect such reaction from a rather not-so-vocal Bianca.

There were people in the lobby listening to their talk. But Bianca did not care. She wanted to say everything she held back for a long period.

“Shame on your deeds, wicked spirit.”

“How indecent of you, Bianca,” Donna made an innocent face.

“What indecent face…?” Bianca was ready to fight or flight.

Seeing her reaction, Donna concluded, “I think I should go,” before rushing towards the exit. (to be continued…)


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