Ways to relieve stress

My Urdu article published in Shifa News Magazine, Nov edition



7 thoughts on “Ways to relieve stress

  1. Useful tips…
    Thank you for sharing…

    As an experience, I always had contentment and relief with…

    – Solitude, with Allah’s remembrance
    – Connecting with my dearest ones
    – Going about my passion

    A quote:
    “Your anxiety is lying to you. You are going to be okay.” [Unknown]


  2. Reciting “inna lillah e wa inna ilaih e rajioon” is the best way to connect, especially under stress. It has surprising dividends. Ammi taught us to find a lost thing with this. And this aayat is our companion ever since…

    “Aaal is well” (refer Amir Khan’s logic) is a wonderful concept to stress reduction, and it is aimed at heart (not mind)…

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