Love does not exist

“Girl, you are crazy. Haven’t you find anyone around your town yet. It’s been 5 years,” guy asks proudly.

“No, I don’t. Because I don’t want anyone else but you,” girl answers.

“But I do not believe in love.This is not love.” He argues.

“I don’t either. But there is something that binds me with you,” girl says.

“Come on….Love DOES NOT exist.” Pause. “I think it’s lust that grips you,”guy negates and laughs it off.

She listens to him silently but deep inside something breaks badly saying out loud,”yes, it is lust that I am with you since long. Yes, it is lust that makes me ready to die for you…Yes, it is also lust that makes me stand for you. Yes, it is lust again that does not allow me to even think or consider anyone else but you. Yes, I think you are right…it is lust because love DOES NOT exist!!!!”



3 thoughts on “Love does not exist

  1. You cannot make people understand meaning of everything, especially so of delicate things like love – too valuable to handle for most people…. 🙂
    And the guy proved it, right in face.

    The difference between love and lust is of not only spells, but a whole mind-set… a whole heart-set.

    Crazy girl…

    ~ Dil kamlay nu raas na aaway, na aaway tarwaas…
    (dard sataaounda baidardaan nu, baidardaan da kee jaanda)
    (bai-parwa da ki kehna haaye, na aaway tarwaas…)

    [from the masterpiece Mann-Chandra]

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