What about romance?

“Well, what do you write about?” the interviewer asked me.

“Fiction… most of the time.Like stories, essays, ebooks blah blah blah,” I replied.

“What genre in fiction?” settling his huge glasses, he inquired further.

“Romance,” I answered calmly.

The word probably went inside his ear like a bullet breaking his ear drums as he repeated,”romance?” His mouth was open, eyes bulging out as if I said something really shameful or a blasphemy was committed.

I smiled back saying, “yes, poor soul. accept it or die” in heart.

So, (being aware of his reaction) I kept my cool and made a blank face to the interviewer. He had judged already me as his contracting and small eyes whispered. I thought to “justify” my point at first. Then, dropped the idea. Because there was no use explaining or imposing my point on “romance” to him. I had already became sick of that. Moreover, misjudgment was his problem not mine.

Sadly, I had to face that situation many times in life. No matter educated or uneducated, young or old and open-minded or moderate, most people think romance can only occur between couples or lovers.And so they judge the “word user” on their set criteria.  For them, romance writing or talking about it only means affairs and relationships!

According to dictionary, romance basically means:

  • a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
  • a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life,

So, why can’t romance be between: a baby and her father? Or a master and his student? or a saint and his disciple? Or a trainer and his dog? or a driver and his car? Or an office goer and his cabin? Or a sad girl and her diary? Or a cyber friend and his social media group? Or a writer and his readers????

Sometimes, I think…we stigmatize deliberately. We want to create an environment to send vibe to see others’ reaction. Or may be we are too narrow to absorb a wider perspective attached with words and their connotations? I am still trying to figure out…

I have seen people accepting only one meaning of the word. Only one interpretation, only one comprehension of it. When there could be hundreds of interpretations, hundreds of meanings, hundreds of situations and connotations involved.

For instance, isn’t it romance of clouds with sky when it rains? Isn’t it romance of a father with his beloved baby, when he drops her to the office? Isn’t it romance of a blogger with his readers when he eagerly waits for their “likes” and “comments”? Then why romance or love is only confined to a man and a woman making love or having an affair????


3 thoughts on “What about romance?

  1. Romance is an almost taboo-word here.

    We have to cross many steps and stages to understand this, primarily since we don’t know the meanings of relations and love in the first place.

    Jis society mein maan, behn, bhai, baap, saala, daada, mamoon jaisay piyaaray rishton kay naamon ko gaali, ghunda-gardi aur tehqeer kay zimn mein liya jaaye, wahaan romance jaisa lafz to waisay hi out of question ho jaata hai – kyonkay ye almost blaphemous hai… Haan, Al Bakistan mein agar yehi Arabic derivative se aa jaaye, to Ahlan wa Sahlan Marhabaa…..

    Ghalat kehtay hein kay zubaanon aur alfaaz ka mazhab, aqeeda, mind-set nahin hota…… Yahaan to Rabb bhi Allah, God aur Khuda kay beech taqseem ho chuka hai..

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