All I know is that I love you(9)

“No, I will do that today,” she cleared her throat.

“Listen Bianca, stop being so irresponsible, I did not know you were not dutiful” And before she could justify her viewpoint, he dropped the call angrily.

“How rude of him,” she thought rushing towards her wardrobe. She slipped a purple shirt with matching skirt and a delicate pearly ring. It was a stressful day but she also felt good, listening to him in morning.

“I am so crazy. I even like his rudeness,” she thought to herself. “Love probably is a magic. But it really is not easy to define love. We do not know where delusion and real feelings meet together. May be, Ryan took me as all other girls because of his status, fame and name. May be, he just wanted to pass some quality time. Anyways, whatever that was. I am not going to judge him ever again,” she decided in mind.


2 weeks later, she went to a party where she met Donna again.

“Hey, how’s it?” Donna was clad in a nice blue. Her face was glowing and had a big smile on it.

She seems happy. Bianca thought before answering her colleague, “Wonderful. What about you, Donna?”

“Well, I am also fine. But really, I am very sad for you. I have heard Ryan is engaged last night?”

Something broke in Bianca’s chest but she smiled like nothing happened. “Oh wow. That’s great.”

“Did n’t he tell you?” Donna squinted her eyes.

“Why would he tell her. There was no need, I think. She has no connection right,” Lisa, Bianca’s friend and team leader interfered.

“Yeah, right, I think I must go now, bye” Lisa’s answer seemed effective to repel Donna.

Bianca came back combating rise and falls of emotions. “Come on, bosses, office relationships-in fact, all relationships suck, there is no reality in them. People only want good time pass, enjoyment and fun. Nothing less nothing more. So, forget Ryan’s story” Emma commented sitting with Bianca on the couch. She was her room partner.

“Ryan’s story? there was no story indeed!” Bianca shrugged her shoulders. She did not want to tell others how miserable it was to face the death of love and let others label your truest and the sincerest feelings, a mere time pass!”

She did not spend a lot of time with Ryan. But sometimes, only a moment matters. Sometimes that single moment decides and determines about our whole world. our whole existence, our whole philosophy.

(to be continued..)


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