“I have parents to support,” Rehan told his boss.

“So what, I also have two sons who are dependent on me,” Abid argued.

It was end of year, when most offices forward employee reports to their bosses for promotion and progress. Rehan and Abid, both were assistants at a reputed HR firm. Their boss, Ali Ahmed was filling their “progress report” that had to decide about their promotion and increase in salary. Being frank with Mr Ahmed, they went inside his room to “remind” him to give them “positive remarks.”

“No sir, my problems increased this year. I got married,” Rehan made face.

“Come on Rehan, marriage is not a problem, say thanks for it,” Mr Ahmed did not like his point.

“Yes sir, marriage is not a problem. Main issue is with me. You can understand sir. How difficult is to raise a family. And my family is already huge,” Abid interfered.

“But you have savings as  security,” Rehan answered back.

“I do not have. Check my account,” Abid replied with cheeks going red.

“Listen,listen,listen….we all have problems. We all are a working class. But problems deteriorate when you become oblivious of other’s problems. When we start thinking about ourselves and become oblivious of others for no reason. Understand neither Rehan nor Abid can take away each other’s provisions. Then why try to pull each other’s leg?”


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