A gist of 2016

Goodbye 2016…

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Countdown to 2016 has already begun. There are only three days to go and 2016 will be a “memory” forever. Since different people have different experiences, so I would like sharing my experience here.

From beginning to end, 2016 was probably the best year of my life as I achieved my life goals in it. I learned a lot, I explored a lot though I agree, January month of the year had a bit darkness in it. But rest of all the months compensated to it. Like sea tides, their days also had some rise and falls but overall, they were nice to me. I must remember I got my “dream job” this year (I always wanted to be a part of a magazine editorial team, I became one with the grace of ALLAH). I became able to keep away from “negativity” and separated with my mother and siblings to live “peacefully” .and started afresh from September, 26th.

I also met with some magic people named as “Zahid Ayubi”, “Haleema Hassan”, “Naseeem Sab”, “Saiqa”, “Sanam”, “Ayesha”, “Afsar sab”, “Zia bhai”, “Hasnain sab”, “Aamir sab” and “Khurram”. They are probably one of the best on earth…. Peeping with positive energy, compassion, care and kindness for others. They are without “masks” like we all keep hiding our real faces. They are also funny, open and humorous. Life seems so “easy” when they are around.

They are people who motivate, encourage and strengthen me every day. They are humble, but knowledgeable and sensitive people who are so unlike ordinary people. I am saying this because I had worked with many teams in the past six years. But Shifa News family is different. They are not hypocrites or exploiters like most office relationships in Pakistan are.

They trust my abilities. They have faith in me and care for me as if their own. Really, what else a person like me needs more than a circle of trust-able, lovable and caring companions like my colleagues who make my journey in life easier. With 2016, buckled up for departure and 2017 ready for arrival on the airport of life, I wish everyone reading this would also find positive and trustworthy bundle of people in the coming years, amen.

And happy New Year in advance


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