We all have secrets (20)

“I wanna do something different. Something out of this world…something he could never forget… something….something….that would make his day,” I asked Donna, decorating my glass bowl.

She was sitting sideways on sofa,legs raised slightly, humming a tune and had a green tea cup near her mouth. Sipping it she said, “well….what you could do… is to arrange a surprise party”

“Huh… wow…what an revelation,” I said making a face….”

“Then may be a lunch or dinner”

“we are already organizing it at office…what’s next,” I rejected again

“Then….may be you …bake a special cake”

“O wow….thanks for another ‘typical’ idea”

“Or may be buy him a suit”

“Ugh…what a plan..Well, suit is not a fancy gift” I ridiculed again

Pausing for a while, Donna almost jumped, snapping her fingers, “..then I have …a superb plan…It will make him feel extremely special”

“What plan?” I squinted eyes.

She came closer, brought her mouth to my ear and whispered.

“Wow…yayy…that’s a better idea. But I think it is not possible. Isn’t it?”

“It is babe. Lemme tell you. On 23rd of July, call him at 11:30 to talk. Don’t show him that you remember his birthday. Just talk to make sure he is at his place and go there exactly at 12 with cake and flower or whatever you like,” she explained

“But How. And what should I take?” I asked, putting a finger on my chin

“Just sort out where he will stay and drive to there with a yummy heart-shaped cake, red rose, a sexy perfume and a love kiss,” she elaborated emotionally

“O wow….that is a brilliant plan” I twirled with a whoop, ” I am so happy you gave me a great plan,dear”

I thanked Donna and both of us began dancing like young kids in park


It was 23rd July, the day I had been waiting for since long. It was like I had n’t seen him for years.The day of my reunion. The day, when my eyes could see again ‘his’ face.

My lover had not been with me for whole three days. And that was no less than a torment for me. Spending them was an agony, a pain and a torture, i couldn’t stand. I counted each second of those days to meet Ryan. I was reading his messages again and again. Trying to call him though I knew he could n’t talk. And finally, my wait was over, my hard time had passed and my happiness was knocking door.

Afternoon of 23rd July

“Muriel, I am leaving early, I have to go somewhere important,” I informed my supervisor at lunch.

“Why are you leaving,” Muriel probably knew why was I going. She and the whole staff knew about Ryan and I, though we neither agreed nor denied the rumors. Ryan needed time to announce about our relationship formally. And I had no problem with it.

“I have a meeting,” I made an excuse.

“Which meeting,” she knew I was lying

“You don’t know about it. It’s with Ryan’s client” I gave a reason which she could never reject.

“Oh…Good luck,” she said

“Thanks,” I answered picking up my bag


I rushed back home and spent that evening, packing his gifts, baking a delicious red velvet cake, selecting what to wear and sending him hundreds of hugs, kisses and heart shapes….

“I reached 2 hours ago” I got his first message at 6 PM.

“2 hours ago and you did not tell me,” I complained

“Sorry, damn busy. We shall talk later,” he replied briefly

“Where are you busy man,” I still tried to seek attention

“Will see you tomorrow, darling. Now bye. Hugs and kisses,” he replied

“Yay….” his message made my day. “Waiting for tonight…oooo oooo ooo,” I was singing on cloud nine. He was back and we shall be meeting tonight. Even his thought was no less than a blessing for me. “I am so lucky,” I thought taking shower.

Soon I got dressed exquisitely. I matched everything from heels to purse and from earrings to lip liner. “He would be so happy to see me,” I imagined making my hair.

It was 11:30 PM.

I called him but he was not picking. On the third time, he picked, “hey babe…” “Where are you” “At home. Why?” “Why ain’t picking” “too tired…I was sleeping” “Oh..I am sorry. Bye”

“So he is home.” I thought and quickly picked my stuff up. His place was 15 minutes away. Stirred and elevated, I drove fastest ever in my life. I wanted to fly the car to reach and surprise him. I was if I had regained my paradise.

To impress and grab his attention, I wore his favorite sexy black sequins outfit.I was sure he would love it. On way, Donna called, “Hey….how is your plan going?” “Everything perfect. Now hang up so I should enter his home.” She was like my shadow since long. We did everything together, good or bad. For Clive, my brother, she was an emotional woman; but for me, she was awesome!

Before stopping near his gate, I called again.


“What’s up?”

“Sleeping babe”

“Oh…sorry i called….because..i was just missing..” I said unbuckling my seatbelt

“Talk you later…I need to sleep” He said briefly and cut it off

“He does not sleep early. May be he is tired” A bad vibe shook my head. “NO…that’s not true,” I rejected it.

There was nobody except for quiet and a dim light coming from his room. His main door was opened as usual but entrance was locked. “What should I do? Should I call him or not?” I thought and paused for a while.

“Oh yes, I know where the keys are” The large vase near the entrance reminded me of keys.Ryan used to pick them from the vase.  “They are here” I bent down and took the hidden key out.

“Yayy” more excited by the success, I tiptoed toward his room. Its door was closed but lights, turned on.

I looked at my wrist watch. it was 11: 56 PM. “Let’s wait for another four minutes”

I had cake in one hand and rose in the other. And a huge handbag on my shoulders. I put my stuff on the corner table slowly. Still tiptoeing, I moved closer towards his door to peek inside.

Expecting to surprise him, I opened the door where he had a surprise for me instead.

There were colorful undergarments scattered on the floor, an empty wine bottle was lying near the couch.  And the love of my life, stark naked Ryan was making out with a long-haired  skinny blonde.

(…to be continued)


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