We all have secrets (19)

We wake up and found ourselves in a secluded cove. There was quiet except for the hiss and rumble of surf from the sea. The first coral hued sun rays kissed the unblemished sky. Soon somebody took a paintbrush to oil paint the horizon with purple, yellow, orange and red.

From behind the cliffs, we saw flocks of birds flying over the cove. While pipers and seagulls were screeching near the shore . We wiped morning dew that was soaking our faces and tried smelling fragrant seaweed to refresh our souls . There were rows of oaks, sabal palmetto and coconut trees to one side and shimmering white sand to the other. Their branches were dancing slowing in a rhythmic motion as if the morning breeze was humming songs for them.

Getting up on his feet quickly from lying, Ryan pointed his finger, “look over there….over there”
“WOW” It was a herd of scarlet ibis dancing near the shore. “I cannot believe this” my eyes followed the scene and I jumped with joy. “This is  marvelous, hundreds of Ibis (birds) are dancing on one feet. There motions are so rhythmic and balanced as if somebody has choreographed it carefully” I was amazed. “Their color….oh my my……..it is….so serene red….as if the color itself is named after them” he added.
Unmindful of the fact they might run away, we tried to go near to them. “Aww…they are running” I said. “May be…. they do not like disturbance,” Ryan commented.
We came back to the palace by 11. It was a depressing moment to eat our last breakfast in the island. Our luggage was ready and our plane was on way. There was an extra ordinary stir about our departure among the natives also. They wanted their beloved “prOnc” (prince) to stay for some more days.
After meeting with everyone over there, Ryan came to the special room where I was getting ready. I had two other girls with me. But seeing him, they left the room in his respect.
Ryan was scanning me closely. He had lines appearing on his forehead but he did not say anything. We kept sitting together silently as if there were no words left with us to describe how passionately we wanted each other.
“Come here” Ryan broke silence.
I nodded obediently and went closer to put my head on Ryan’s shoulder and grasped his shirt. He gripped my right hand and began kissing my head, forehead and cheeks. I could feel his warm breath and fast heartbeat. They always made me crazier, wilder and restless for him. In hopes of ceasing time, I closed my eyes.
“Knock…knock” somebody entered the door. It was Sooki, she came to inform about the arrival of our plane.
New York
July, 2016
 We came back to the fast paced life of the metro again where Nardi…cruise….seashore….pearl-laden palace….party in the beacons….chirping seagulls…..dancing butterflies…..jasmine wreaths….rose garlands……lapis lazuli eye shades…..rose extracted lipsticks…..drum calls  even everything seemed to be a myth, magic or mere pipe dream that did not belong to me.
“Reality is a whole topsy turvy world” I thought entering in a coffee shop to meet Donna.
“I couldn’t believe such land ever existed” Donna remarked after listening to my story
“OK. I am lying” irritated by her opinion, I replied
“No sweetheart, I did not mean that. It was actually a compliment” she justified
“Fine” I answered sipping my coffee
“Well, what is Ryan’s response after the trip” Donna inquired
“I haven’t seen him for two days” I made a bad face, fidgeting unconsciously
“Why?” she put finger in her mouth
“Nothing serious Donna….he had to go to a business meeting. There was a plethora of messages as soon as he turned his smartphone on”
“Did not he inform officials about his trip?”
“He did….but you know…such people have a busy life” I told proudly
“When is he coming back?” Donna asked
“Probably on 23rd which is day after tomorrow. Oh shit….shit….shit..i forgot its his birthday on 24th” my phone calendar reminded me of his birthday
“That’s great” Donna smiled paying coffee bill
“Donna…give me idea for a surprise plan for 24th. I want to please him. I want to show love. I want to show care” carried away by feelings of excitement, I asked.
“Take him to another cruise trip” Donna mocked as she knew it was not affordable for me
“Shut up” I replied angrily
(to be continued)

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