We all have secrets (17)

Soon the butterflies gathered around me in a circle. The purple and lavender and sky blue colored butterflies made an outline, the green and yellow among them arranged themselves in the center; while the orange and red concluded that circle.

“What is this happening?” I asked Sooki, one of the natives and Ryan’s family helper. She knew English “a bit”.

ModamMe! They give donNce (dance) for you,”she revealed.

“Ahaa…” I nodded surprisingly.

Soon the circle started performing. The red and orange butterflies opened their wings; while green and yellow closed their wings. Similarly, the blue and lavender butterflies opened their wings and purple group closed their wings in a rhythmic motion— Sooki explained the movement, “It is Floop Flaaop (Flip Flap) doNce.” “Ooh woow…it’s like flickering of colorful lights,” I thought.

Soon another group joined them. They were golden and silver in colors. They were like tiny fairies. They twirled in harmony and then all of them assembled in the air to make a beautiful heart.

“Awesome” I began clapping.

The butterflies soon disappeared leaving me amazed for the whole time. It was women’s turn then. They came forward giggling as if they were talking about me and my beloved. Or perhaps about their own romance experiences.

“ModamMe! pleeZ (please) to this soid (side)” Sooki guided to a more secluded side.

It was rather a beautiful flower-laden entrance. There was chirping of the birds around me. And a small fish pond peeping with glittering pink and shimmering red dotted fish was in front of me. Moreover, Macaws parrots, Rainbow Lorikeet, Keel Billed Toucan and Painted Bunting were all i was surrounded with. They were open and free unlike zoo-slaves. They did not fear us and we did not try interfering in them.

The pond water was clear and transparent. There were pure white ducks swimming in them. Soon Sooki offered me a chair near it. “No no…I rather wanna sit on the edge of the pond,” I insisted.

“If yO nO sOt. HoW we care yO(if you do not sit here, how shall we serve you)” she said with deep lines appearing on her forehead. “Don’t worry, you can still do whatever you wanna,” I stretched my arms and threw a smiled. Doing that made her more comfortable and she requested me to take off my shoes and folded my skirt up( to dip my feet in the pond water).It was so calming and relaxing. The fish was touching my feet as if they were kissing it.

Her partners brought a silver tray again. “What’s that?” I asked out of curiosity. “A Nardi treat,” she answered uncovering it. There were roses, jasmine garlands, Abel and Musk perfume bottles, rose water, saffron, rose water and elephant teeth combs for my makeover. They bathed me with milk, herbs and rose water at first. Polished my nails, skin and body. Washed my hair, massaged my legs and wear me natural makeup. My eye shade was made from lapiz lazuli and lip stick was a pure flower extract. They combed my hair and made sexy curls with elephant teeth. Then, clothed me in a silk garb, adorned me with jasmine garland, anklets, bangles, nice earrings and rings.

“POrFectO. yO loOk brOide (perfect, you look like a bride),” Sooki had a brilliant smile on her face. And Ryan came to my mind again!

They brought a exquisitely decorated palanquin and took me to the beach side where the villagers were getting ready for the farewell party!

(to be continued…)







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