We all have secrets (16)

“Sweetie we cannot stay here for a long time” he said. “But why…” I argued.

“We need to go back to the daily grind,” he sighed.

“No…we should not,” I insisted like a child.

He looked in my eyes saying, “Come on…”


“Ok. Forget it and just live in this moment,” he snuggled again.

I made a face, held his hand and revealed my wish,”But….but…i wanna be with you …here…forever”

He smiled, caressed my hair and said, “We won’t part I promise”


We spent those days collecting precious memories on the island. I was so happy because  my home and heaven was with me. And he was pleased that I came with him to a far off land only for his sake.

For me, his place was no less than a part of paradise or a fairyland. “It is no less than an ancient Royal palace,” I remarked one day and appreciated his golden chair laden with diamond and ruby. There was lion skin carpet and its ceiling had precious sea stones.

While his garden was all decorated with crimson roses, hanging wisteria tunnels, colorful peacocks, singing pheasants, bright-colored fruits and trimmed green shrubs herbs and old trees. Small purple and red butterflies danced there in morning and blue-tubed insects twirled at evenings. It’s sky was incredibly clear and if nature had deliberately chosen Nardi people to watch and enjoy the star movements at night.

i noticed stars were bigger, brighter like small torches of lights from there and observing them on grass was a sight worth everything for me.

The island was a wonderful place i ever visited. The silver and golden fish danced there on the beat of waves. And song birds sing for us in the morning. There were waterfalls of clear blue water, seashells with pure pearls and animals that I had never seen before. And above all, the people of Nardi- I had never seen pure, clear-minded, passionate and loving people on earth as they were.

The Nardis’ were cool and open. If they did not like a thing, they would not be able to pretend. They loved and accepted me as their own. I could not understand their language. But they could understand me. I could not talk to them. But they could talk to me. They were experts at communicating even without language. Their faces were readable, their signs, their smiles!

On last day, the gave me a tribute. I was not worth it. But for them, I was their most respected princess and guest. “Akkaa Cuu Mu Shii Nooua” a drummer announced something and all of them became excited. I could see their joy peeping out of their bodies.

“What did he say?” I asked Ryan, drinking coconut water near his palace. “He says come on everybody…show your love to the young couple tonight. Give a farewell they would never forget.”

“What….? IS THERE PARTY….”I jumped with joy. “Yeahhh…” he winked.


Soon Nardi women paid a visit. they were fairies or princesses themselves with spotless skin, long hair and pretty features.”They want you to go with them for a milk and rose bath. It is an important bath for a girl who wants to marry our men.

They also want you to wear these,” Ryan’s servant translated for me. He had a gold tray in his hands which he passed me. “What is this?”

“A silver-green silk gown with emerald necklace, bracelet, rings and everything you need. It is a gift for you” he explained further, “Honor them to take you” I got up and moved with them. We walked to a secluded corner of the island.

“It was a place full of lilies, pansies and butterflies… The bright-colored flies were not afraid of human existence. They were so used to of the Nardi women as if they were friends. One Nardi women had 10 flies on their shoulders and hands as if they were talking together perhaps about me…(to be continued…)


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