We all have secrets (14)

Then it became our routine. We had separate rooms but we did not want to part from each other. The romantic weather, the sea waves and his companionship was enough to baffle my mind. I confess, I was melted. I wanted him at any cost and he was happy to stay with me.

There was romance everywhere in the air. The events, parties, clubs, spas, hot tubs in the cruise were all dragging us closer minute after minute. So, we decided to forget everything else and enjoy as much as we could!

“Ryan….get up. Lets leave the bed,” I said after sleeping with him for 14 hours. “No, I don’t wanna,” he kissed my lips and pulled me in again. “Nah…” I pretended to resist (though I loved him do it again and again). “Don’t resist..”He whispered holding my waist. “Aouch!”


On the third day, I sneaked out of bed. Ryan was still asleep. I was hopeful the Island was near as he informed me. But the ship was still in the middle of blue waters. I could not find the coast and there was no sign or any announcement made about it. “Are we near?” I asked a guest living in the next room. “Near…ehhumm..yeah…there are just 20 days to go,” He told counting on his hands. “What?” I said to myself and came back in surprise.

“What was he saying. Was it true? Did Ryan lie? Why? Why would he need to? He said we would be there in 3 days?” My head was boggling with so many questions. I opened the internet to check the details of his personal island. “Shit, the Nardi Island is still 20 days away” I said to myself. I was happy and surprised at the same time. Happy, because this gave me opportunity to live my life with Ryan for 20 -25 days. Surprised, because why did he need to mention 3 days trip only to me. He could tell me the number, honestly. I did not understand it and assumed, “perhaps, he did not want me to say no.”

That incident gave me a little cramp but soon Ryan’s attention, love and care made me forget everything. 25 days flew away in no time. We spent them in dancing, kissing, loving and playing with each other. We used to get up at 5 in the evening. When the sun was ready set. It was the best time to enjoy the weather. “The best time to make love on the deck, to confess, to cherish and to make promise for life,” he used to hold my hand and drag me to the deck. We loved watching the setting sun, holding each other’s hand and hugging like we were one. Love was perhaps magic as it made me become oblivious of everything else except for HIM!

(to be continued…)



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