We all have secrets (13)

“So sweet of you,” I replied thankfully. We started walking towards the ship and with each step there were rose petals on me from every where. The red carpet was also decorated with rose petals and candles for us. And there were beautiful maids sprinkling them on us.

The fresh flowers and their presentation made my day. I smiled to Ryan as this was possible only because of him. He was standing with me, talking with his cruise staff. We were taken to the biggest and the most luxurious suite of the entire cruise. It was a sort of a double storey stateroom with a spacious veranda, stunning glass window walls, high-end furniture, in-room spa, heated bathroom floor and 24 hour butler service.

“The is …..ammmmmazin,” I opened my mouth in awe. “The 3D rose painting stuck my mind. It was as if the rose petals will fall off the bed on us. There were red roses on the table and vases for us to romanticize our trip. Their refreshing fragrance was moving my soul towards Ryan. The butler served us cocktail and left the place on Ryan’s request.

“We need to rest,” Ryan said.

“Of course,” the guy bowed his head and left with his 3 more members standing on their feet to serve us in person. Ryan came closer as soon as they left the room. “How did you find it?” “Totally…..awesome,superb. I loved the veranda best. One can stand there to watch waves and notice their rhythm slowly, drink and eat food on the chairs lying there or lay on them to tan one’s body.” I complimented. “Well, we shall do it in this trip.” He smiled meaningfully. And I smiled back saying, “And these roses-laden room seems to be your idea, right? I know how much I love roses.

“All for you honey,” he bowed his head. “Oh Ryan,” I embraced him quickly.

“Thank you Ryan,” “No…don’t thank me. Thank yourself, dear. Without you, i could never plan such a trip,” he touched my waist. “Ryan, you are the greatest man on the fact of earth. You know it’s just like a dream for me. I could never imagine this before….” I shared my emotions.

“Come closer,” he whispered something and I obeyed silently!


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