We all have secrets (12)

It was probably the best journey of my life. Because no other trip can equal its splendor and romance. I was with Ryan and for the first time. He switched off his phones, say goodbye to his laptop and turn off the television to distract us.

“I am all yours today. No phone calls, no mails, no meetings, no music. Only you and I and this journey. We shall make it a beautiful memory”

He turned off everything and moved closer to me. He was holding my hand and touching my hair locks spread on my shoulder. “See in my eyes,” he said and touched my lips softly.

We spend the whole car journey kissing and holding hands of each other. It was enough to dissolve my soul and heart for him. I was losing senses with every touch by him. It was becoming difficult for me to hold my heart back. “Ahhh…” I was taking deep breaths but wanting to keep distance at the same time.

“Kiss more” he insisted. “No…we are in the car,” I answered. “So?” He said. “No” I tried to push him back. “I am gettin’ crazy,” he whispered.”Enough” I said but began kissing more passionately after a pause. I was also getting crazier!


Soon we reached our destination and the car journey ended. The driver opened the door or us but we did not want to go out. We would have done “a lot” if the journey continued for another five minutes. We were out of control and mind.

it was difficult for a while to come back to reality when you are flying over the moon. Same was my case. Ryan took me to the moon with him in the car. My lipstick, hair, shirt and makeup was all messed up. My cheeks were red and my heartbeat was still fast. I opened my bag and tried combing my hair and applying lip glows again to came back to senses. Ryan, on the other hand was fine. He checked his tie before going out and gave his bag to his driver. “Keep my phone and laptop with you. I won’t be available for 3 days, bye” He informed. “Yes sir,” the driver saluted.

It was not the airport. It was a seaport unexpectedly. “Are we going from the…” “Yep” he replied before i could complete my full sentence. I thought it would be a regular boat or ship but he took me to his personal cruise, Monty. It was a big as a whole plaza or much bigger than that. I never had seen such a ship, forget sitting in it ever.

His staff was already waiting for us there. They greeted us warmly. “Welcome to the cruise,” Peter, one of the captians said. “We are happy you chose us,” he presented a flower bouquet to me and Ryan.

“Welcome beautiful lady,” a female staff member clad in a fancy green and red frock with floral wreath on her head greeted. “This is for you,” She gave me a red and blue wreath. “Put it on to start your journey. It will bring luck,” she said. (to be continued…)



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