We all have secrets (11)

Before meeting Ryan, I never liked shopping, sitting at office for long hours, go to coffee shops, meet people and spend money and work on grooming myself. But the changed “Janet” was only because of him. And the best thing was it was not my conscious effort. Everything happening to me was automatically. For instance, before meetng him, I used to get up in a white t-shirt and a black pant in morning, eat my breakfast, spend the entire day and go to sleep in the same dress. I don’t remember I ever combed my hair or make a braid for office before. I had only one lip gloss-and a nail paint. And i never used them.

After meeting Ryan, I started wearing makeup, new heels, sexy dresses and matching jewelry every day. These were my efforts to gain his attention. Since his friends circle was very different. There were girls who belonged from a fairyland. They were like real princessess, landladies and supermodels surrounding him from everywhere. It made me decide changing myself.

So from shirts, nail paints, new shoes to accessories like purses, chains, rings-I brought all to look great and allure him. And I think it all worked!

“Awesome” Ryan always commented.

“Are you serious?”

“Damn serious” He always replied making me feel out of the world. I never knew lover had that superpower!

I counted the days of our trip eagerly. I was excited to experience the feelings of being close to Him for 3 whole days. It was something unexplainable. Something mingled with excitment, love, desire and a unique sort of peace of mind.

Fnally, the day arrived when Ryan came to pick me in a huge limousine . People think chivalry is old fashioned. For me, it is a bonus in your man. The “old-fashioned” etiquettes are actually hot and enough to make a girl go crazy. Perhaps, Ryan knew it.

It is because as soon as I came near to his car. He bowed a little and opened his door for me saying, “Welcome my lady…” He was clad in a blue ceremonial suit. His hair were shinny and face glowing to see me. But there was something worth million dollars. It was his bright and brilliant smile!

(to be continued…)


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