We all have secrets (10)

“Really, did not you notice everybody is looking at you,” she giggled

“May be because of my presentation. And…I don’t bother about anyone,” I tried showing attitude.

“Okay sweetie, gotto go,” she said and went to her desk.

I came to my cabin and sat down. It was 5 in evening but I did not want to go home. I was feeling awkward going home. “How can i go back to the place where every step reminds me of someone,” I thought.

Soon after a minute, I got a call from Ryan, “Hey, you did an awesome job today” “Thank you, Ryan,” I replied. “I am out with a short meeting. And wanna ask you something,” it was enough to increase my heart beat once again, “Yes?” I forgot all complaints, misunderstandings, decisions that I made against him in the morning. “I wanted to see him again, I wanted him to come out of the phone and kiss me once again as he did in the car. “Can we have a coffee in 2 hours?”

“Say no straight away. You are angry, remember all men are ****,” my mind warned, “He’s different, he’s a darlin’,” my heart argued.


“Hey, are you there, Janet?” He said

“Yes Ryan,…..of course,” I replied.

“Sweetie, lets meet at Zone2 Club in two hours,” he decided

“Ummm…okay. Will be there”


I don’t know how but it became a routine to go for coffee after office, have some chit chat, gossip about everything and end the day with a kiss. Despite our differences,we had a common soul. Our interests were similar, our thoughts and mind matched a lot. So, we did not take time to be really good friends.

“Ryan, come on wanna kiss you baby,” It was the most favorite thing that Ryan wanted to listen from me. He wanted me to ask for kisses every night before going to our places. And he used to become anger if ever I forget it.


The desire for him was increasing day by day. We were becoming fonder. My friends were sure he would propose me someday but he never even called me his lover. For him, i was just …….more than a friend but not a lover!

“Janet, you are so close to me, I can share everything with you, I feel so easy and happy when you are around but nothing more than that,” He opened his heart one day.

“Yup…i understand,” I nodded holding his hand.

“Janet, I worked hard since i was a young boy. I had nothing when I came to this big city. With constant efforts, I build my empire in the Island of Nardi. I go there when I need to regain energy. Will you go with me?”

“WHAT???????” I jumped in shocking surprise.

“Please, don’t say no, It is just a 3 days trip,” he pleaded.

“Yes….yes….yes,” I exclaimed with joy.

I was so happy, he chose me. It was like a dream for me to be with him for 3 days. I called my friends and we went to go shopping to buy appropriate outfits to impress him. My friends were sure Ryan was taking me out of love and desire for me but they did not know what was going to happen.

(To be continued…)


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