We all have secrets (9)

“So, where is Clive these days?” He asked, eating

“Busy as usual. Didn’t he contact you?”

“Rarely. I am busy, when he is free. And he is busy when I am not,” I made a sad face.

“Oh, I see. How about your family? I remember you had a cute little sister. He touched his head. Um…sorry I forgot her name?”

“Olive,” I said. “She is shifted to Italy with her Italian husband.

“What about you, Ryan?”

“Well, my parents are no more.” He informed sadly sipping his coffee.

“Oh…I am so …sorry,” I felt his pain.

“No, it is okay” He replied politely.


We finished our breakfast and got ready for the office. I chose to wear my most favorite black shirt to impress him. I don’t know if i succeeded or not. But Ryan could not help asking one thing while going back to the office.

“Janet, may I ask you one thing?”

“Sure please?”my heart thumped.

“Do you live alone?” he was measuring words and perhaps my expressions also, “I mean…don’t you have a boyfriend or…” he looked straight into my eyes.

“Um…no, I don’t have any” I replied while sighing.

“Why? You are young, nice and good looking.”

“Really, I do not think so.” I replied halfheartedly. “When I was at college, students used to call me “fat cat”, “she dwarf” or “fatty” so………. I lost confidence.”

“But it is NOT so” he defended. “You don’t know how impressive you are”

“Come on, you are flattering” I denied him smilingly.

“NO, I really mean it” he said and held my hand. “Really,” he smiled and stamped his lips on my cheeks. I paused for an instant as it was so …DREAMY. I did not understand what happened at once. But liked it so much. He smiled and began whistling, “Do you like songs?”


“Me too,” he said and patted my thighs. He was still whistling. Soon after a second.He stopped the car to a roadside and brought my face closer to his….. to kiss my lips.


Suddenly his mobile vibrated. He turned it off but the phone buzzed again and again.

“Yes Monica, what happened? No, I was not home. No, I was actually at home but right now I am not. No, I can’t meet you today, I have a tight schedule, may be on Friday. Okay, all right, do not worry, I just come in ten minutes,”

I felt pangs of jealousy about the caller. It was surely a girl but was not sure who she was: a friend or a girlfriend but whoever, she was. She had a deep influence on him and I did not like it. I wanted to ask him but did not have the right to do it. I kept staring on the front mirror till he was done.

“Well, thank you for everything Janet. Let me drop you to the office and I have an emergency so will be there in the office by 10,” He raced the car and dropped me near the office building quickly.

Why and where did he go. We just have an important meeting ready. Who was she?

He was lying to her? Why did he need to? Was he hiding something from me too? Why would he need to? Did he kiss me accidentally or….? Do he love me? Should I believe him? Why should I? He is a liar. I could not believe it because if he can lie to Monica, he can also lie to me, after all, who am I to him? Just an ordinary assistant. I had many questions in my mind to ask him, though I was really happy about his point of view for me. He did not consider me as an ordinary girl like others. For him, I was good looking and it was the only thing that improved my mood that day.

Happiness is for a short while. I learned that day. I did not know what to do. I did not want to share the episode with my friends either and therefore, decided to let life flow as it was flowing before.

I did not know whether the episode was a positive thing or not. But i decided to keep me calm no matter what. I concluded by saying,

“Whatever, all men are SLUTS!”

The presentation and meeting was a success, unexpectedly. Because I was changed. The words he poured into my ears were magical. They helped in increasing my confidence level. I was feeling different person in me that day.

Moreover, my outlook was also different, thanks to my naughty friend, Donna.

“You look like a chic today” Emma remarked during lunch break.

“Really” I could not believe it.


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