6 ways to say goodbye to stress for life

“Come on you crazy man, lemme shou’ ya how to drive,” Arslan shouted at the top of his voice. He kicked the car door and ran straight to the car driver just behind his sedan. “Did you not see my car from the mirror? You almost killed me today,” he said, sweeping sweat from his forehead. “Tha’t not my mistake…so just let it go,” the man replied. “Let it go?” He repeated and grabbed him from his shoulder. The man had damaged brand new Honda’s boot. This is one situation. But our day is full of such incidents when we feel like really angry, stressed and furious. Now question is are there any practical ways to say goodbye to stress for life?

Well yes, there are.

Dr Sahrish, a psychologist based in Lahore, Pakistan says, stress occurs when your body releases a certain type of hormone. That hormone affects our body both psychologically and psychologically. For instance, your nerves shrink and you feel out of breath. Psychologically speaking, you may feel angry, hurt or frustrated. And a recurrent stress may turn into depression. Therefore, it is essential to keep it at bay in the first place. There are six mantras which helps achieving this goal.

Eat Healthy

Ever you felt a “heavy feeling” after eating a lot or a certain food? It is a sort of stress.

Whatever you eat, it has a impact on your body and mind. Eating healthy diet and staying away from foods that involve lots of calories, fats and junk contributes to produce strain in your blood vessels. Particularly, all the fatty foods do that. As a result, that strain produces stress.


Exercising has a direct relation to kill stress. It is because when you exercise like brisk walk, jog or move your body, anti-stress hormone is produced, as a result you feel calmer.

Read good

Read good, see good and do good. It is not just a saying. It is mantra to have a stress-free life. Studies show that people who read sad stories, watch violent news or do bad things experience more stress than those who do not. So, better select light-hearted literature, television programs and try to do good things to others.


It is an extremely useful way to keep stress at bay. It is because while meditating, you focus on one thing; instead of thinking other things at a time. You breathe slowly and try keeping your mind calm. If you do not want meditation, try to pray (whatever religion you follow).

Think positively

Thinking positively helps us keep away from negative feelings from our mind. And when it becomes a habit, we feel less stressed and start to enjoy peace of mind. Remember, everything has both sides, negative and positive. Try seeing both the sides in life.

Give time to yourself

It has become almost impossible for us to take out time for ourselves. However, it is essential and a basic requirement to keep you calm. Try taking our time for yourself even for 10 minutes in a day. Sit in a room and determine you are not going to judge anything during that time. There is no good or bad, no right or wrong. It will slowly help neutralizing your mind and ultimately restore peace in your life. It is because most of times stress occurs when we begin to pass judgments on everything around us.


2 thoughts on “6 ways to say goodbye to stress for life

  1. If I may add one:

    Being stress-free is matter of healthy & content heart and mind…

    Hazrat Ali RA said: “Hearts of people are like wild beasts. They attach themselves to those who feed and nurture them”.

    And Bulleh Shah said:

    ~ Masjid dhaa de, mandar dhaa de, dhaa de jo kuj dhaindaa..
    pur banday da dil na dhaanween, Rabb dilaan wich rehndaa..


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