We all have secrets (8)

Next morning, I got up with an amazing sensation. The maddening sensation. Ryan, the prince of my dreams slept with me. I could never imagine it even in my wildest dreams. He was still sleeping when I jumped off the bed and walked slowly past him.

It was funny to notice him snoring. His brown hair looked awesome even without being brushed. And his lips. they were perfectly made. I wanted to save those moments as they were precious to me.

“I wish you i could stop time,” i sighed.

I kept watching him till his alarm started ringing. He opened his sea blue eyes and noticed me standing near to him.

“Hey, what time is it?” he was still sleepy.

“Morning 5” I answered.

“Aw, please wake me up in 30 minutes” he requested and went to sleep back again.

“Okay,” I smiled.

I prepared breakfast by adding love instead of sugar and care instead of coffee for the love of my life. I never expected that a childhood liking for him would turn serious in youth.

“Get up, its time”

“No, I want to sleep more, darling,” he said unconsciously.

“DARLIN…,” I said to myself and smiled (I felt so happy though i did not showed it).

“We are getting late, Ryan” I warned.

“No…..please,” Ryan said and held my hand pushing me to the bed.

“Ooops…” (I almost fell on him)

“Ooowoach..” He opened his eyes and jumped.

“Oo….i am sorry..I …am….really really sorry J….” he was turning red.

“ahaan..no problem, Ryan.” I said and after a pause. “Come on have some coffee,” I put the tray to the nearby table.

“Oops, Janet. I am so…..,” he was still explaining what he did a second ago.

“That’s fine,” i giggled slowly.

“Then let’s have breakfast,” he pushed the tray to his side.” Yummm the waffles seems yummy”

“I hope so…I tried out a new recipe today”

“Ohh..awesome….really, they are so tasty and coffee is also great,” He appreciated

“Thanks Ryan, I love making food”

“And i love eating food” he said laughing

We had the best breakfast together that snowy morning. I can still recall that smile, the fragrance and the bright naughty eyes scanning me in and out all the time (to be continued…)


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