All I know is that I love you (8)

Bianca came back shattered.

On one hand, she was happy to have Ryan’s love; on the other, she was bled because of Donna’s remarks.

Ryan kept at distance from her for the next two three weeks. Ryan was too busy in his case against another company. She wanted to speak to him but he had no time. This thing broke her heart as she took it seriously, thinking that whatever Donna said was right.

“Ryan is a billionaire. And like most of the wealthy people…is a mere womanizer. He was into passing a good time only.” She concluded.

Ryan is not like that. Her friend said roaming with her near the lakeside. “then there is no point in ignoring me” She answered aggressively. They had come to the lakeside on a windy evening just to relax their minds. There was no one except for cool breeze, water and them.

“Ryan is,” remember my meeting with him before the job. he was racing like a teenager with many of his……….slutty sexy female friends. Her mind wandered in past. She was jealous, angry and enraged for no reason.

Ryan cares you. He always gave you favor. Remember your training days, when you were not able to understand the office software. He bear it with you and he gave you job. He gave you confidence, why did he even bothered about it. She was thinking, sitting at the mall.

“No, all billionaires are womanizers.” He used you that day on purpose and left at once. Her mind was still not ready to listen.

But he did not do anything with you, though he could…. easily. Heart shouted in anger. If he were a flirt, he would have Donna, Alice, Gwen and others who were his ardent lovers.

At last, she ended up confused. There was a battle inside her on the topic. She decided to ignore what Donna fed in her mind. She wanted to see him, talk to him. But he was too busy.

Next morning, she had to arrange a meeting for him. Their clients demanded a virtual meeting which her boss rejected. He wanted to meet them face to face.

“I would like you to talk them into it” he ordered her.


But because of overwork, fatigue and her confusions; she totally forgot to make the arrangements. She neither spoke to the clients nor updated her boss.

“Shit….how can I forgot that” She thought getting up from bed at morning. “I had to call them today…shit” She rushed to the washroom.




“Who the fu** at this time” she said looking at her wrist watch. She was hardly up. “Hello”

“Hi. Hope you are up. Did you speak with Mr. Johnson for the meeting?” It was Ryan.

(to be continued..)


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