We all have secrets (7)

“Noise?” I almost jumped. “What noise…”I tried to hear.

There was pin drop silence.

Seeing my reaction, he justified,”No, no..its not here. It is over there.”

“Really” I tried to hear but there was no sound.

However, he said,”It is so disturbing and annoying. You won’t be able to hear it.” He was telling as if it was his house and I was sleeping over there for the first time.

“Okay, don’t worry. I can sleep there” I got up from my place.

“No, no…please do not leave your place for me.”


“Well, what we can do is to adjust in the same bed.” He gave a plan innocently.


“No, no..lady. I do not want to harm you. Believe me. We could…. may be sleep together without any BAD intentions in MIND. I won’t even touch you.”

“Then why are you asking for it” I said in my heart. I wanted to jump with joy. Hug him quickly and never let him go again. But could not do so. He was not my boy friend, lover or husband. He was my boss. I had to retain my respect and integrity at any cost.

But the truth was my heart thumped out. My body temperature rose quickly and my eyes begun to dilate and I could clearly feel moisture in my pajamas.

“All right, I go back…. if you want me to suffer” he said dramatically and moved towards the door. “Okay bye” I said, hiding my smiling face with mouth.

“Are you sure, I should go?” He turned his face.


“Are you 100 percent sure?”


“Are you 100 and 1 percent sure?”


He stopped for a while, looking at the floor; then he raised his head and came back saying, “Are you so damn sure that….” He came closer, looking into my eyes.

“Ehem..ehem” I moved back unconsciously.

“Don’t you wanna sleep….with me” His eyes were pleading something.

“Sleep with YOU” I repeated, dilating my eyes.

“…I mean, only sleeping. No harm, no bad intentions” He cleared.

“Um..ahem…his pleading eyes, innocent face and needy gestures succeeded to change my mind. How much could I resist after all.

“…okay, but we shall keep a pillow in between (I had to say it, though i did not want it actually).

“Sure. keep pillows, blankets, quilts or whatever you wanna” he replied, jumping on my bed.

He took the right side of the bed and dragged an extra pillow and blanket in between. He closed the door and asked me if I wanted to turn off the tiny lamp light or not.

“I keep it open but you can turn it off, if you cannot sleep with it”

“I can. But….keeping it off allows peace”

“A..han,” I nodded

“So tell me do you have a boy friend?” He asked directly, turning himself to my side.

“Nah” I answered.


“Never made any”

“What………….are you kidding me?” He shouted in disbelief.

“Really, I did not”


“May be it’s because of difference in thinking. Men want only one thing. And I want…. true love.”

“Oh..I see. But do not you think it is obvious to make love when you are in a relationship”

“Yes, it is. But in my opinion, making relationship “only” to make love for a while is not what pleases me. I want something else in life”

“Wow..” He said “Nice thinking” he  yawned.

“I think we should sleep now. See you are yawning”

“Oh yes, you are right. I am so tired today”

Asking him to sleep was just an excuse. I did not want to talk to him further. I was already falling for him. So, I put earphones in to distract myself and closed my eyes. The fragrance of his body, the feel of his presence and the sound of his deep breath was enough to make me crazy. He was around me yet not mine. We were in one bed yet very different people, from two very different worlds. I wanted to make him mine but it was not as easy as it seemed to be.

“Bye” he said turning his back.

“Bye Ryan”

“Wait. What are you listening to?” He asked turning to me again.

“My favorite song, Gypsy by Shakira”

“Oh…I love her voice. Can I also share your earphone”

“Why not” He came closer.

(to be continued…)


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