Happy Independence Day, Pakistan!

I was so exhausted while coming back from the school on 12th of August. I was not even able to make lunch and have it. Thinking, it will be a waste of time to stand in the kitchen. I decided to sleep without food.

“Why ain’t you eating, today. I have never seen you skipping your meal?” My younger sister asked with great concern.

“Dear, I am so tired. We  worked a lot in school today.”

“Are summer vacations over? Are students rejoining?” Sumbal asked.

“No, classes are starting from 15th of August”

“Then how are you exhausted?” She inquired, satirically.

“We are arranging an event for the Independence Day. For that we had to work a lot. We decorated the hall, classes, conference room and even our principal’s room”

“Aapi (elder sister) same is the case here, we also cashed a handsome amount cheque from office to buy balloons, buntings and cake and decorated our entire department for the competition. I was so tired also so I skipped my work and helped in decor”

“Me also done the same. My boring senior gave me tens of copies to check and i was not in a mood so I joined teachers group who were decorating the hall”

“Wait, wait..wait” Aslam, our cousin who was overhearing the conversation interfered. “Tell me what you guys had been doing…again?”

Being well-aware about his nature, we tried to ignore him. But he was so stubborn. Do you guys even know why do we need to celebrate?

Decorating just for the sake for fun or to skip work has become a very common trend nowadays. It is irony that mostly we do not even know what and why we need to celebrate and problem is it has become a national issue.

As nation, we have wrong preferences. We do not go to the core rather like to see the surface reality. And the surface reality here is we know that you have to decorate. Spend money and enjoy. But never have given a thought over the real purpose of marking the day was to unite as a nation, revive yourself and add your share in the prosperity of the country.

“Hm..right but how can we add to the prosperity of the country. I am just me and Aapi is just aapi. This is the job of the government and organizations as a whole”

“This is where our entire nation mistake. Dear, it is not the job of the government alone or organizations. It is the job of me as an individual and you as an individual in your capacity. I should do my work sincerely in my capacity and you should do your work sincerely, of course, in your capacity to add to the prosperity of the country. You see how much our nation is spending on these things just for one day, though it is not wrong. But, yes there is a limit to everything. Pakistan is a progressing country and the best you can give it is to become sincere to it rather than overspending, showing off and forgetting it on the morning of 15th August.

You would see young bike riders without silencers on road to mark the day. Young girls uploading green photographs online. And families hoisting flags on their rooftops. But nobody would been seen to actually think and resolve that what they have given to the country?

“Oh yeah brother, you are right” We bowed our heads in shame.

Think over it today. The actual purpose of independence, my dear. As it is a long-term decoration, believe me.

Pakistan Zindabad!




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