All I know is that I love you (7)

Yes, sure.

They walked for about thirty minutes, laughing, giggling and drinking together.They spoke a little about each other’s personal life. There were many other things to focus such as office, whether, environment, bride, wedding and their mutual interest i.e. reading. But there was something attracting them. Bianca wanted to ask him about his personal life. Many times a question came on the tip of her tongue and pushed back.

“Oh look at those two trees” She said.

“As if two couples hold each other’s hand” he completed the sentence.

“Lets go there” She said excitedly.


The scene looked awesome from a distance and more intriguing when go closer to it. The tall tree couple looked omnipresent, huge and marvelous.

“How serene is it” Ryan looked around saying.

“And its branches…as if they are inviting us to cuddle”

She was looking at the top of it when she noticed Ryan’s eyes watching her very closely. He had a smile on his face which she could not understand it but smiled back.

Come closer, he uttered at last.

She looked in his eyes in surprise. And moved closer.

CLOSER. He whispered, kissing her head, cheeks, nose, eyes, chin and lips.Passionately. Bianca’s eyes were closed and she was holding him tightly from the waist. They kept smooching and cuddling each other for the time unknown. They did not want to leave. The softness of his lips, the depth of his eyes was enough to dissolve her soul. She was losing herself little by little. It was as if time had stopped.




They ignored the bell twice but the caller was redialing.

“Shit” Ryan uttered,looking at his phone screen.”My lawyer callin'” He parted himself from Bianca and moved to the other side to attend it.


“It was Mr Smith.He wants to meet me urgently in thirty minutes.I gotto go” Tension appeared on his face as he said goodbye to her rushing..

Donna McKenzie was watching them from somewhere. She was Ryan’s cunning personal secretary who tried all the tricks to seduce him. She was very jealous of Bianca since Ryan had never shown any interest in her. She came closer to her and ridiculed, “Do you think you will win him over like THIS?”

Like what? Bianca did not understand.

Come on, you are not an infant? She said by squinting her eyes.

Bianca ignored her and tried to pass when she stopped her saying, “Ryan does not like cheap, poor girls…he plays them ONLY, ha ha” she laughed like hell on her. “There is no match between you and him” she kept stabbing her with biting remarks. (…to be continued…)


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