What Else Love Means (Part 6)

Suddenly she heard an ear-breaking sound from the Stygian sky, followed by branched silver lightening covering the entire canopy. It was if the vault of hell was dragged and swiped  against its will.

Soon the place became doom-black again but the sound of the slithering creature increased. She looked outside the window, holding her chest with both hands. There was nothing the she could see but blowing wind, thunderstorm and a huge, shining snake sprang in front of the windshield.

He had an enormous mouth and a huge tail spreading as far as she could see. He was shimmering black-brown in color with tinges of orange and golden. His head was reaching the tall trees and his sparkling green, death-cold eyes was staring furiously at Nikki. His slimy, blood red double bladed tongue fizzling rapidly as if he had found his new prey. He bowed down his head and knocked the car roof twice. Neither rain nor thunderbolts could make him go back that day. Soon he slithered forwarded with a huge mouth to swallow the car.

Nikki’s head boggled and her throat dried. She wanted to yell but couldn’t open her mouth. The sight was enough to shook her entire being. She was stuck in the car, unable to run away or hid herself. Her heart jumped into her mouth as she looked straight into the eyes of the serpent. It was like all her organs were falling apart. She could clearly hear the sound of her beating heart. “Death approached me” she thought by collapsing.

The horrifying snake was ready to grab her through the window and that sensation changed her fair complexion into pale yellow color and she fell immobile on her seat.


“Hello…hello…hello”  Jonathan was calling her again and again. “Get up babe, we are near to the hospital” He informed, lighting his cigar.

It was still raining but they were on highway again. Nikki looked around herself with half opened eyes. She was still trembling and ting drops of sweat were covering her forehead. She felt severe pain in her head as she tried to recall everything. Her eyes were slowly opening up but her gaze was vacant as if she wasn’t absorbing events happening around her.

It took her five minutes to fully awake her mind.Her heartbeat was normal but she was still breathing heavily. She rose from her seat by rubbing her eyes murmuring, “Am I safe?” She touched her head, eyes,cheeks, lips, neck and whole body to ensure that. She couldn’t believe that she was actually safe and secure.

“What did happen to us?” She asked in confusion. There were millions of questions in her mind. Was that a dream, she thought. “No” her mind rejected. “Was that a reality?” Her mind rejected again.

“Where were you, where were we, where am I?” She attacked him by bombing tons of questions in a go.

“Where is the serpent?” Her eyes were wide open and she was holding her forehead.

He looked at her in astonishment, whistling “which snake?”


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