We All have Secrets (6)

“I never knew you are such a help. Thanks Janet” He complimented. He was checking my hard work.

“No problem, Ryan. I think I should go now ” I said picking my bag up.

“It’s after midnight and not safe for you to go home alone. Let me drop you” he said breathing heavily. He was looking straight into my eyes which made me feel butterflies in my stomach.

“Amm..hmm…mm..” My heart jumped out of my mouth. I could not believe it. I cleared my throat and sweat from forehead at the same time. I was stammering, “No. its fine, thank you”

“Come on Janet. Trust me I ain’t that bad” He bit his lips that made me lose my sense. “Oh Gosh…how awesome is this man” I thought as he made me feel randy.I was afraid of being kinky with my boss but managed to control my emotions and replied. “No no that’s not what I meant. You are not bad at all”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Nothing” “I don’t want to give you trouble”

“Oh girl. I don’t feel troubled when a beautiful girl like you is in problem” he flattered.

Ha ha…all right. I smiled saying, “Let’s go”.

We locked his room,took elevator and came out of the building by 12. We moved quickly towards his hot grey Reventon as weather was so chilly.

It was a frosty night with snow covering all the places around us. There were still predictions of snow fall that night. It was because as soon as we hopped in his vehicle, it began to snow. “Troubles all in one” he said to himself while beginning our journey.

He did not speak in the entire short journey again, neither did I except for a few formal sentence exchanges about weather and work. But there was warmth of  unknown emotions into his eyes.

I never wanted him to think that I was like all other girls (though deep down I was also dying for his love). So, i did not give him any “green” signal. He stopped the car near my door and we thanked each other for everything like two strangers. But deep down there was something attracting both of us.

I was dead tired and could think of nothing but bed when he left that day but there was still another problem to resolve. He sat in his car and came out of it again yelling, “shit”.

He forgot his room keys in my cabin drawers. It was strange for me because a CEO had only one key for his room. Or perhaps that was just an excuse to come back!

He stood still, starring at me for two minutes. Then said,“Then allow me to stay at your place” he said straightforwardly. “What?” My heart jumped out of my chest again.

I looked at him in suspicion which he probably understood. “ Don’t you worry I am not going to disturb you at all, really” He ensured meaningfully.

I was a bit ashamed about my small abode. It had no comparison to his dwellings that were all sophisticated and cool at the same time. My small cottage-like apartment was just simply constructed, though it was well-kept and beautifully decorated by using recycled material. I was nervous to take him inside. I was thinking he would not like it. He might laugh at me or degrade me. but I was wrong since he loved it a lot.

“I am sorry, I do not have a proper seat or chair to offer you, I use cushions instead” I said by spreading fake smile over my face.

“That’s all right.” He smiled back by moving closer at the front wall “Where did you get it from?” he was pointing at the wall.

“Well…I had a couple of old shoe boxes with me, I covered them in a nice wrapping paper and hung them on” I said in a low tone by clearing my throat.

“Oh no, I am asking about the photograph” he cleared.

“Oh…I see… this is your picture with Clive” I was embarrassed again but never wanted to show it that I framed it for HIM. “Actually, I did not have any photo of Clive, that’s why…” I tried to satisfy him. He nodded without saying anything. He was smiling again.

“Shit…how stupid am I” I said to myself and asked him if he needed anything to eat. “No thank you, Janet. The deal we ordered at office was quite heavy, but if you could please bring me a glass of water” he said.

I brought water for him, guided him about the place to sleep and went to my bed room. But I was unable to sleep. He was with me at my abode. And it was not less than a miracle or magic for me. He was like a prince with power, fame and property that was spread everywhere. I, on the other hand had nothing but a job under his wings and a rented apartment.

“Janet” He knocked at the door after 5 minutes. “Yes” I answered getting up from the bed.

“I am unable to sleep over there” he complained.

“Oh, I am really sorry. Do you need anything” I was embarrassed again. “Umm…let us exchange this” He gave his pillow.

“Sure” I threw my pillow in response.

He returned to his couch but came back after going three steps forward,

“No, it’s not about pillow…i think…. It’s about the place. It is too noisy over there.” He patted his hair.

(to be continued…)


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