All I Know is that I Love you (Part 6)

Would you like to introduce yourself to us, Bianca? A young,charming guy,clad in a sophisticated black outfit asked with a broad smile on his face.

She put her purse on the floor and settled herself on the seat. “eham…”Her throat dried and her voice shivered for a second but soon she recalled her brother’s lesson on first impressions and reminded herself that it was her “last chance” and that she needed to act confidently.

“eh..em…” she paused then looked straight into the eyes of her interviewer while telling about herself. Soon she learned that the interviewer was no other than Ryan- her boss-to-be and teenage crush.

Her heart jumped into her mouth and hands began to freeze again. “You are going to lose this job” her sixth sense informed. “Remember, this is your last chance” she was reminded again. And this changed the entire scenario for her where she had to fight for securing her dignity and respect. She tried her best, though she got confused at a point but overall it was a better attempt, she thought.

“Thank you, Ms. Bianca” one of the interviewers said .

“Thank you so much.” She replied back by rising from her seat and took a deep breath while going out from the room. The girl walked quickly out of the office and wiped her face with a tissue. She did not know what exactly she was feeling, joy, romantic or confusion. “Working under my crush” she murmured. “Would I be able to handle his romantic eyes”, “How would i concentrate if ever i get the job?” These were the biggest concerns for her.

Next step was to contact Clive.

Hey, I am done with the interview. It was really hard but I tried my best.

Great to know, B. Best of luck. I am sure you will be selected.

Thanks and bye. I have to catch cab.

She remained anxious for her result for many days but there was no response from the office. There was no call. Neither was Clive informed about it nor did she get any letter or email. “I lost again” she thought one depressing day. On  the next, however, she received the news that she got job and was supposed to join within ten days.

Ten days? I will go from today.  She was over-excited.

Today? No, clear your mess today and go from tomorrow. Her mother suggested.

Okay mama, I will. She was very happy.

The next day, she entered her new office with a new hope to change her miserable life. She was introduced to many new people: Gwen, Sarah, Simon, Peter, Ivy and of course, Ryan.

Ryan was an intelligent, educated, good humored and caring boss. Not only this, he was muscular, handsome and idol to many females of his company. Although he was her childhood crush, but she decided to maintain a good boss-employee relationship only. She never tried to speak to him about anything else but work. She never liked women panting for him, though she was also one of them once.

Ryan, on the other hand used to observe her when she was working from his glass door. She noticed it once or twice but did not pay heed to it. She knew it was his job to keep a check.

One day, she received Ryan’s message to come to his room. She picked up her pen and drafting pad and rushed to him. He asked her for a seat and began to talk to her about Clive. “How’s he doing, tell him to meet me someday”

It was strange that he was not talking about work or any new task. He was looking straight in her eyes and trying to talk to her about many things other than work. It was a strange experience for her but it enhanced her confidence level. Then it became his routine to call her during break times and speak with her about her hobbies, habits and so on.

I think boss has a thing for you.Gwen said enthusiastically one afternoon when Bianca was coming out of his office.

No, it is just that I am his friend’s sister. Bianca denied.

No, trust me I have been working with him since long. I have never seen him calling anyone among us in his office for just “chit chat”.

Yeah, because you are not his friend’s sisters. She denied again.

Next day, Bianca was invited to a wedding ceremony by her colleague. “Do come everyone, I would wait for you” Melisa requested everyone enthusiastically.

“I wouldn’t go” Bianca said in heart as she was not very social. But hearing that Ryan will be there, her heart surrendered, “Go and impress” she thought and shopped everything that could change her normal-looking appearance. There was just one thing on her mind, “Impress Ryan”.

And so, she dressed up delicately in a blue and black chiffon Gothic gown with matching ear rings and necklace and done up her hair nicely. Her blouse was made from sequins and her gown was full of contrasting blue colors. She put on light makeup to enhance her features and wore black and blue heals and grabbed a clutch.

She looked totally different since there were no big glasses to hide her eyes and no loose pants to make her look fat. And no books on her hands. She entered a magnificent building and sauntered into a well-decorated wedding hall. Her colleagues were already there, laughing, dancing and chatting. There were many beautiful faces but hers was very unique and splendid.

“Gorgeous” Alex remarked, “Superb” Peter commented and Gwen could only say, “Wow”.

In fact, everyone was amazed at her dressing, her female colleagues were making weird faces out of jealousy; while men on the other hand were trying to go closer to her.

Ryan also noticed her while chatting with other women and left his place to meet with her. He was surprised to see a changed Bianca since she was no more shy or under-confident girl, he met some months before. There was a glow on her face, the glow of satisfaction and confidence. She was meeting with everybody with a certain style. Ryan was impressed. He was staring at her when she accepted the dance offer from Peter. He came nearer when she was alone and asked her to go for a walk with him.

Walk where?

In the lawn.

Sure. (to be continued…)


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