What Else Love Means (5)

Julian opened the car door and rushed to the back side of it, shivering and trembling. Nikki took out her earphones to listen to music. She grabbed cushion from the back seat and closed her eyes to relax for a while. She was not in a good mood but seemed calmer.

Julian, on the other hand looked more exhausted and disturbed. He sat near the left back tire to check air in the rain, cursing his stars. “It’s a bad beginning…we should not have come today” he thought.

His shoes were all soaked in mud and dirt and his pants were also painted. The brutal rain drenched him from head to toe but he did not care and opened the boot quickly to change the tire. Nikki sat inside listening to songs and biting her nails.

“Do you want me to come?” She opened her eyes and asked from the window.

“Nah…it’s too cold” he warned.

“Okay, just get done quickly” she said and opened her mobile phone to pass time again. Hardly, two minutes would have passed when she heard a strange hiss from the surroundings. She ignored it first but the sound began to come closer.

“What is it?” She looked out from window,windshield and rear but there was no one. She scanned all sides again…to no avail. There was only sound combined with a mysterious smell of dead rats mixed with wet soil and turpentine bush from outside.It was as if somebody just sprayed it in the air. She squeezed her nose and decided to get out of the wheel.

Nikki opened her door but as soon as she set her first foot on the ground, she felt as if she stepped upon something very soft, thorny and slippery.Her foot slid on it. She looked down and to her surprise….it was a creeper. And its sight was enough to break her nerves. Awe stuck Nikki yelled as hard as she could as it was no other than a thick, long huge black slithering serpent, passing down from their car. She could not see it clearly but the shinny black color, hissing sound and the penetrating smell was indicating it to be a poisonous turpentine.

“AAiiiiiiiieeeEEeeeeeeiiiiiiiii………………..” Her eyes popped out as she screeched and quickly put her foot back in the car. She shuddered and felt cold shivers. Millions of ants seemed slithering on her body. It was as if her heart was frozen and condensed into something smaller and tinier.

Suddenly she was reminded of Julian. “Oh Gosh….Juliannnnnnn” she said unconsciously and moved to the window side where Julian was sitting.

“Julian…………………….” She screamed again. But the closed windows and sound of heavy rainfall had made her partner almost deaf. “He is oblivious to what was happening around him” she thought with a creepy sensation and decided to open the window pane to call him. She pushed the button and screamed his name again.


“Julian….”She called again but he was disappeared as she couldn t find him. Her heart raced and she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks. “Jjjjj…jjjj…ul………” she wanted to call him loudly but could hardly utter as if something  struck in her throat. There was sweat all over her face despite the chilly weather and her hands were trembling.

“Where could he go? He doesn’t know the place, and why did he go in rain” she had no clue about it. She thought to herself, kissing her cross. She wanted to go out but the creepy creature she saw was enough to scare her to death. She did not even want to think about it again but had to do something for survival.

“I should call him” she said by picking her phone up. But due to shivering hands she was n’t able to dial. She threw it aside and looked here and there to find something, “there gotto be a stick”She murmured with tears in her eyes.

She could still hear the fizzling of the charcoal black reptile.


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