We All Have Secrets (5)

“Wait, you can be our…” He murmured squinting his eyes at me.

“I beg your pardon?” I adjusted my glasses and inquired.

“I mean… you can be our…….. presenter tomorrow” He scanned my whole figure.

“ME?” I could not believe it. “How come …I mean” I bit my nails.

“Why cannot you?” he shrugged his shoulders. “I mean… you know what to present, how to do that,…you’r also capable to handle clients and above all, you are good…I mean good looking” He cleared his throat.

“Bb…bbb…ut…hh…oo…w…what if I make any mistake?” I widened my eyes and began to stammer.

He held my hands gently and said, “ Don’t worry….I will be there”

I couldn’t say anything but my heart throbbed.

We kept working till late but there was no tiredness or exhaustion on my face. I was happy to enjoy his company without wanting the time to pass quickly.

Donna was waiting for me at home. We had to go for a party. But i dropped my plan.But I could not I inform or take her calls. I was oblivious of my phone that day.

She sent me many messages on the phone but to no avail.She also called me twice but I wasn’t attending. The phone rang for the third time again.

“Let me grab your cell” Ryan said stroking the back of his neck.

“It is alright, I pick it up.” I responded, rising up from my seat.

I noticed his eyes following me till the end of the door and back. I thought he was anxious to see me complete his work. But it wasn’t the only reason!

“Hey…” I answered the call without keeping my eyes off from the laptop. “Hey” I said again but there was no answer.

I did not know why the call was cut. Perhaps there was issue with my phone. She called again but we couldn’t hear each other “I think I need to change my ancient cell now” I said to myself and smirked, indulging in work. It yelled after a few minutes again.

“Sorry, I think there is a problem with my phone.” I said it quickly, thinking that the call might not be heard.

“Hello…can you hear me” I said

“Hello…” I said again.

There was no sound. I restarted my phone and tried Donna for the last time. “Hello…hey there….hello” I experimented hopelessly. “Can you here me?” She was still unable to hear me. At last, I turned on my phone speakers.

“Hey sweetie, yes I can hear you NOW…. Where the heck are you?” I could hear Donna but ONLY with an open speaker. It was too loud and uneasy to talk but it was all I could do.

“At work…” I replied.

“At WORK? we had a plan, right”

“But I am busy at office”

”Ahem…ahem… at THIS TIME” She started to tease again.

“Yeah, I had an emergency meeting”

“Ehem, what meeting darling at night 11?  Tell me is your sexy, hot, creamy boss with you, I can feel……..SOME sexiness in your voice now…ha ha…ha…” the blonde continued to talk.


My cheeks burned as I looked at Ryan with raised eyebrows. He was listening each word but showing as if he was buried in the laptop.”Come on girl…take this opportunity, give him a good JOB TONIGHT” she said seductively.


“SHUT….UP” I turned red with humiliation once again as I turned my cell off in confusion. My hands shivered and I felt goosebumps all over my skin.

Ryan’s first expression was not explainable as he saw at me in disbelief but quickly controlled himself and started printing the papers that he required the next morning. I was speechless so I did not say anything except for trying to complete work quickly.


Half hour late

Ryan was done. But I had some other tasks to complete. I noticed him smiling to himself.


He went outside the room and brought cold drinks for us. Once again I caught him ogling and smiling at me. “How much is left?” He asked by standing behind my seat.

“Presentation is ready, Sir and I am emailing it to you. I have completed other documents as well” I said without even making an eye contact with him.

“Good job, Jannet. Let me skim it” He patted my shoulder and leaned on me to view the presentation from my laptop.”Hm….great work” He commented.

“Thank you” I answered with a smile. (To be continued…)


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