All I Know is That I Love You (5)

Clive opened the refrigerator door and picked up mango juice with a huge salad bowl. “Yummy, seems to be made for me” his mouth filled with water. While Bianca took a small plate and added Chinese rice from the skillet for him.

Here you go, dude.

Ain’t you eating with me?

No brotha, I don’t wanna.

Why? Angry with me?

Nopes, I don’t feel like….

Why, I know you haven’t eaten anything as yet. Please do it for me now. Please B.

No, I don’t feel like….she made a bad face.

Seeing her swollen eyes and a really bad mood, Clive said, “Listen, I have a good news for you”

What good news? she asked, shrugging.

I won’t tell you unless you eat with me.

Bianca frowned at him and decided to go upstairs to her room. Clive, hoping to bait her yelled, “LISTEN B…If you move away, you would lose an OPPORTUNITY” he knew it is the only thing that can hook her.

“Opportunity?” She repeated in disbelief. Her facial expressions also changed a bit.

Really B, I promise……..think twice….He said and asked again, So are you eating with me?

Fine….I do. She seated again.

They ate together like two small, innocent children eat food when their mother is away. The place was all mess with rice all over it but the children were really happy. They were laughing, chattering and enjoying each other’s company.

So, what is the opportunity about?

Well, one of my friend needs a good Assistant in the admin and HR department of his firm. He asked me to refer someone for this position and I think…..why shouldn’t I refer you.

Really? Biance almost jumped from her seat.

Yes, but….but….listen B.

He took a glance at her and revealed thoughtfully, “You have to keep one thing in mind, I can only refer you to him but cannot force him to hire you. You’re CV and interview will be held by his panel and if they reject you….”He left the sentence incomplete.

Okay, I can understand. That’s alright, I ‘ll do my best.

Great, then….be ready for it. i’ll update you soon.

Now tell me what happened to you in the morning? He smirked.

Nothing. She smiled.

Are you sure? Clive arched his brows.

Yes, I am.

Okay, then forget about anything else and prepare yourself for an impressive interview.

Yes, I will.

And don’t get confused in any case, okay?

Alright, I will try not to.

Yep B, you don’t have choice for it. It is a great opportunity. I am telling you.

Alright…. but when will they call me?

In the next week………..probably.


Leaf 4

It was a cloudy morning when Bianca got up with a thrill. It was her interview day and for that she was rushing here and there to reach in time. She wore her favorite black shirt, comb her hair well, put on her lip gloss and hurried to the place. She got a message from Vena, “Hey, best of luck and don’t forget to try my tricks”, she ignored it since she was nervous already.

The cab stopped nearby a gigantic, exotic building known as “Hobb’s Realm”. The splendor it had was making her more nervous and happy, both at the same time but she told herself, fidgeting, “Nothing to be worried, I believe in my skills”. She took the lift and reached at the 34th floor.

To her surprise, the place was more gorgeous than she had imagined. It was truly a masterpiece of architecture that was adorned with refined design, sophisticated texture and unique tiling.  It was spacious, decently painted, finely decorated with expensive paintings and sculptures, indoor plants and it was well-equipped with latest technological devices.

She went to the reception and informed the receptionist about her motive of arrival. The receptionist guided her to the waiting lodge where velvet red sofas and matching carpet was laid for the visitors and guests. She met with many candidates for the same post, she had applied for. “I ‘ve done M.Phil and ‘ve more than five years experience in the field” A candidate introduced herself. “Shit”.She thought to herself.

There were more than fifteen candidates waiting for their turns and all were well educated, qualified and experienced.Girls among them were stunning, modern and delicately dressed. She felt a pang of jealousy to see a ravishing female talking about her confidently. “She’s gonna sweep me” She thought, setting her hair aside.

The interview sessions were long and all candidates were coming back with a broad smile. “My interview was so good” Anita commented, after the interview. “Hm…Good luck” She smirked. And soon she was sweating like a child, her throat was sore and she was feeling too shy to face the panel. She was nervous but her competitors made her more insecure. She thought to move back but Clive’s face came to her mind.Also, it was her last chance to restore her self-respect among her family members.

“Come on…if these girls can do it…why can’t you” She said to herself before walking in the conference room for the interview.

Hello, may I come in? She knocked at the door.

Hi, yes please come in Ms. Bianca. One of the oldest interviewer greeted and asked her to take seat.

How are you, Ms. Bianca Woods?

I am fine, thank you. (to be continued…)


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