What Else Love Means 4

Julian reversed the car from garage and played his favorite song, shaking up and down to the beat. He looked at Nikki who was still sitting seriously. He changed the song hoping that she would like the new one.To no avail she was not in a mood. Julian tried to talk but she wanted to remain quiet. “Just keep driving” he thought to himself and raced the wheel.

The zigzag path of the highway had a long row of vehicles trying to surpass each other like wild animals. It was nine forty and meeting with the psychiatrist was fixed at ten.

Understanding that they were getting late, Julian increased the speed again. He overtook a few cars and tried to jumped the third.

From aside, a police cruiser appeared with a sudden gust of siren, its blue and red lights flashed brightly in the foggy gray winter morning. “Shit”. He slowed down the speed at once, thinking that the patrol was behind them.”Move” the cop yelled instead. Their cruiser overtook him and stopped nearby the hilly zone where two more police patrols had been parked.

“What happened there?” Nikki rose from her seat. Julian shrugged. “No idea…may be a chase to criminals” “Shall we go?” Nikki asked exthuistically all of a sudden. “Are you crazy?” Julian frowned and tried to pass out of sight from the police but the blocked road forced him to slow their sedan again. “Shit, what’s wrong with this world.” He yelled and pressed the brakes.

“What happened over there?” He asked a motorcyclist. “There was an accident last night. A woman jumped off the cliff” He told in a low voice. “Gosh!” Nikki felt goosebumps in her stomach, her throat became dry and eyes popped out. She pressed Julian’s hand in nervousness.

“I’m sorry, you ‘ve to move back” a policeman appeared from the right mirror to direct them.”But where shall we go from?” Julian asked. “Turn around, take left turn and then right…” He said quickly and disappeared.

They turned back and begun to follow as directed. There was no road but a sloping grass turf instead. Julian shook his head but there was no other way to reach to Dr Joseph. “Let’s try it…” He pulled up his wheel on the slope and pressed the accelerator to find the right turn.

Though he moved the car as directed but the path seemed strange. It was a sloppy, ragged and rocky area….full of mud, wild bushes and plants “Where the heck are we goin’?” Nikki asked apprehensively. “I hope we shall find our way soon….” he searched for the way in woods. “But….it’s all jungle” She said. “I don’t think so cops ever misguide” he replied in confusion. “yeah, right” She said cynically.

Julian was pulling the car forward. He was hopeful to find his way soon.But there were no right or left turns. It was all a wild area with overgrown weeds, gloomy bald plants and old trees. There was no car or any other human existence that could guide them. The morning was already gray , foggy and chilly….and soon it started to rain.

“I  think we should go back” Nikki uttered in despair. She picked her velvet red fur coat from the backseat and wear it over her slim body.”i’m feelin’ cold..just get home quickly”she said.”Lemme check to this side…I think there is…….  road” Julian pointed to his left side.He was unable to see clearly in the heavy rain. And bushes were constantly disturbing him. Their bright new vehicle was all muddy soon as they entered a relatively thicķer part of the forest. The rain added to their agony and made it difficult for Julian to drive further. he pushed the button to wipe wheel’s windscreen, hoping to see clearer.

They could hardly move further when their automobile hit something.


“Whattt NOW” Nikki asked in shock. “donno'” Julian sighed and pulled over the car.


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