We All Have Secrets (4)

“W.E.T” Donna completed the sentence with a giggle. “Alright sexy, leave this movie, you need to buy something that actually will make him fall for you”

“But I don’t have that kind of money” I reminded Donna about my financial situation.

“Don’t worry love, it’s on me just to make sure he goes nuts on you” we both giggled and left for mall.

Donna took me to several shops, bought me mixture of tight skirts, close-fitting suits, revealing shirts and other dresses. We also bought  an expensive slinky, black date suit that resembled the prom suit that our prom queen wore last year. I bought it for the upcoming annual party from the company. It was such a great day, when weather was neither chilly nor hot….It was just cozy, cool and comfortable. We enjoyed ice cream in our way back and talked nothing else but Ryan!

“We shall go to market next weekend for make up too…I don’t like your typical, lazy, old fashioned collection. We shall buy something sexy and in vogue for you. “ha ha…we really want me to pick him up” “Yeah…I do” She said with a wink.

We kept talking until I got a call from Ryan. He informed that there was an emergency meeting at 9 sharp in the morning. And he wanted me to take care of everything by coordinating with John and Muriel our officers immediately. I said “alright” in answer and called John in order to carry out his orders on phone. “Dear you ‘ve to come to the office now” John requested. “We’ve to prepare the meeting agenda, arrange multimedia projectors and check for other preps such as lunch and all,” he added ” several confirmations from the clients, ensuring all required documents are ready are also have to be done” “I hate you, John” I said and requested Donna to drop me to the offfice.

“My life will never be normal” I thought as I reached home, the clock was striking eight and I had still had to prepare some files just before dawn. I was tired, exhausted and dizzy with sleep and was feeling as if I was going to pass out as my my doorbell buzzed. It rang again until I yelled, “Who the F****K?”

“It’s me, Ryan”

“Whaaat?” I jumped on my seat. I couldn’t believe that Ryan could come at my abode. it was Ryan with a worried look on his face. He seemed panicked.

“Sorry to barge in like that but you see, our foreign clients needed a final presentation and I can’t trust anyone else but you, we need to prepare for it today and by today I mean now” Ryan said anxiously and it was funny to see him nervous. It did not suit a guy with athletic body, deep eyes and orgasmic beard taking stress like that. “I heard you were at office, I drove there but you had already left….I ‘ve come to pick you up again.”

“Okay let me grab my office bag”, I rushed into house, took my purse and went in the car with him.

The office was empty, except for the guard. We went straight to the conference room. Ryan turned on the lights and sat on a chair to open his laptop.

The clients were actually very important for the company and Ryan never wanted to lose them. We kept working for some time and then he realized something at once, “SHIT”. He uttered adding, “Janet! there’s a huge problem that I totally forgot about” Ryan said as he sat in the corner chair, “there’s no use for all this if we don’t have a representative, I thought they are going to delay the presentation and project initiation for two months but … we need to find a presenter with complete know-how of the company and we need to find them NOW!”

It was sad and funny to watch him fidgeting, wriggling and thinking like a philosopher all at the same time.



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