The Real Meaning of Eid

“May this Ramadan be filled with joy, happiness and delight” She updated her status after sighting the crescent of Ramadan.

“Congrats friends” she sent messages to all her friends’ list before going to sleep. “Sana, are you there?” Her mom knocked the door. “Knock…Knock” She knocked again.

“Gosh…I hate it when mom comes to my room” she thought while getting up from the bed. “Yes, what is it?” She asked with a shrug. “Sana, could you please help me with the dishes, I am so tired today” Her mom asked. “Gosh mom…did you knock for THIS? I’m gonna sleep now. You know we have to get up for Sehri (pre-dawn meal) tonight.” She excused. “Alright” Her mom said. “Oops…I forgot to mention…your uncle’s family is here since evening, did you meet them? Uncle Asim was asking for you?” “Shit.They are still here. I thought…they might have left….” She frowned. “’s too bad. Just go and say Salam (greet) at least” “No way….I hate their stupid family” She shrugged and slammed the door.

Sana was the only sister of two elder brothers, Nouman and Sufwan. They were the residents of Khanna Pul, a relatively smaller town of the metropolitan, Islamabad. Sana’s father was a retired government servant who built a beautiful green cottage near the main road.

Nouman and Sufwan were doing MBBS while Sana was an aspiring news anchor and a student of mass communication.

Ramadan for their family was also a means of good interaction with friends on facebook, twitter and other e-medias. The month was their favorite as it provided them opportunities to stay nearer to their friends all the time, day or night.Sana and her brothers, like our generation used to chat in groups till Seher and go to sleep at dawn……….till Iftar!

And the scene of Iftar was also worth-telling when their dining table was full of food variety from typical pakoras, channa chaat and Dahi Bhallas to more modern spaghetti, croquettes and Shashooka etc.

Being the only sister, she was a darling to the family. Her family never said no to her and that day again, extremely exhausted Nouman could not say no when she demanded to take her to the market after Iftar.

“I’ll buy four dresses and matching shoes and accessories for Eid” She told her mother. “But beta (daughter), we are broke these days. What if you buy one dress this year?Her mother tried to convince her.  “No, I have to buy them…I’ve already selected some suits” she answered back.

“Don’t offend my daughter, Najma” Her father interrupted and gave her as much money as she demanded. “Thank you, papa” she jumped in excitement.


“Sana…what was that…Sufwan and I already gave you enough amount for shopping”Nouman asked her while stopping the car on the signal.

“So what….what are parents for” She said casually and frowned at the beggar who asked for help. “I don’t know why people beg when they can work on their own” she commented by making a soar face.

“I think we should never say No to a beggar, espically in the month of Ramadan” Nouman said. “Wrong…we should help the deserving, not the professionals” She argued.” But…who ‘ll differentiate between a pro and a deserving beggar?” Nouman asked.


The month of Ramadan does not stay long and so it passed away quickly.

It was “Chand Raat (Night before Eid)” and Sana was coming back from the parlor.

“O wow…nice hinna design and bangles sweetie” Her brother gave a compliment.

“Thanks brotha” She answered while humming. “Where is mom?” she asked.

“She is with the maid. I heard her husband is ill and they don’t have anything to wear on Eid day” Sufwan revealed with a concerned face.

“Huh…come on Sufwan! They work from place to place and gather lots of money and goods for Eid”

“I don’t know about it….All I know is each Muslim should help the other so that we all could enjoy the full blessings of Eid” Sufwan shrugged while taking out his wallet. “Get up and give this money to her”

“Sure” She nodded and entered the main hall where her mom was calming the crying maid, Perveen. “Mom, Sufwan Bhai (brother) sent it for Perveen Auntie.”

“Take it Perveen” Her mother passed the money to the maid.

“Thank you, May Allah give you more and more” Perveen said by wiping her tears. There was something in her eyes that made Sana restless. She tried to ignore it once but couldn’t help it.

“What happened to you, Perveeen Auntie” She said by sitting near to her.

“I am always reminded of my young daughter whenever I see you Sana Bibi (madam), She was thirteen, when my husband caught a severe kidney disease and lost his government job. He was on a good grade and we had a very happy family…ONCE” saying that she started crying again,”bibi…I ‘ve been struggling since then.My daughters did not buy any dress for many years..we keep fast with a piece of bread and water and open it with water only”

“I am so sorry, dear” Sana’s heart melted and she took Perveen to her room “Come with me”

“Yes bibi?” Perveen asked in confusion.

“Take these suits…i bought them for Eid….and these shoes too…I understood that the true meaning of Eid lies in spreading happiness around you and I can’t be more happy if your children would wear them on Eid day” Sana had peace on her face.




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