All I know is that I Love You (4)

“Sweetie listen, you know I never mean to hurt you, please don’t cry.” She was trying all the ways to soothe her daughter. But she was not listening. “Okay, let me call Clive” it was the last trick that she knew to calm her down.

Clive was not only her brother but also a very good friend. He was always there when she needed him. “Hey Clive, how are you doing?” Her mother called him. “I am doing well, mom. Is everything alright?” Clive could smell rats since her mother mostly call him due to her fight with Bianca. “I want you to talk to your sister, she is crying” She whispered discreetly. “Okay mom, give her the phone” he replied. Mrs. Woods passed it to the crying Bianca.

“”How are you sweetie, what’s up” he said cheerfully. “Clive, I don’t want to live with mama” She complained while sobbing. Clive could not say anything but to laugh out loudly. “Grow up Bianca, is it something to…” She did not like his comment and turned the phone off.

He redialed the number and spoke to his mother again. Bianca was not ready to talk to him. “Sweetie please talk to him once” Her mother tried to give her the phone “Enough mama, we always fight with each other, I mean… every day you pinch me with the same remark that I do not WORK…is it my fault? I am so sick of this…” she was shouting angrily. Her mother did not say anything and left her room. “Okay, do come tonight if you are free” her mother was speaking to Clive.


Leaf 3

It was 8:30 at night. Mrs. Woods was sitting in her book store, checking accounts on her system. Her assistants were handling the customers while Bianca was sitting on a round table, reading her favorite book, “The Turn of The Screw” by Henry James. She was wearing glasses but one could easily see the redness in her almond eyes. She was too absorbed to notice the arrival of her brother. “Hey B” Clive whispered into her ear. “Who is it?” she jumped on her seat. “Hey, it’s me” Clive was smiling. “You rascal, you totally freaked me out. “Ha Ha” he bowed down courteously.

How are you, Clive?

I am fine, what about you, B?

I am also superfine. How is your new set up going?

Well, it’s great though a little hectic and…anyways leave it. Let us go home and eat something, I am very hungry.Clive said while putting one hand on his tummy and dragged her to the upper portion of the store. She put a tag in the book and brought it along with her. Their mother was still buried in work.

They entered straight in the small wooden kitchen which was neatly maintained and well-kept.

(to be continued…)


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