Preparing for War

Morning of 2060 in a far off hospital is still and silent. There are no birds, babies or bears around-only bots. It is a gigantic and ginormous building that has snow-colored paint and silvery borders. The silvery borders work both as automatic temperature moderators and super cameras that can scan as far as 50 km from all sides. The doors of the hospital are all transparent and without any opening. All one has to do is to touch them and they let the person inside after matching their finger prints. There are hundreds of patients in the hospital but patient from the room C 999 had the worst condition.
His eyes are wide open, pulse running and mind working; but he has no lower body—he lost his it during a severe bomb blast at his workplace. But the half part he has is also transplanted recently. There are nanobots in his brain sending reports moment by moment to the server. They are trying to recover his lost memories. But it is not an easy task due to the severe defense by his brain cells. He is given micro-electric shocks in brain in order to keep it alive!
They kept working for ten hours and at least sent a message, “Mission Successful” to the server. And the same message is received to his only attendant daughter, standing outside his room.
“I probably go” she says goodbye to the caller and returns to her father.
After checking his report the robot assistant said, “half of the memory has revived. You are advised to ask him questions from past, keep him talking so that the undergoing process does not collapse”. “Sure” said the nervous daughter.
“Dad!” She whispers into his ears. “Dad” she whispers again and gets slight response after the third time. “How are you feeling, dad?” She asks formally. His nuclear physicist dad, Mr. Marten blinks his eyes in return.
Several nanobots enters through his eyes and start the transplanting process. “Keep him talking” Alisa receives another message. “Dad, how it happened?”. She asks with pain in her eyes.
He glances at her and begins,” I was born in 2000 which was called the era of technology and innovation. Our generation was very proud of it, particularly, me as being the only son of nuclear scientist parents and a very brilliant young lad, technology was my friend, family, future….It was everything to me. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to conquer the world with it…at any cost!
I was lucky to have scientist parents who helped me in teaching everything they knew. Soon I learnt everything and proceeded my journey. I left my parents and created my own lab which was everything to me.
My job was to develop latest weapons and renovate the older ones. I wanted to surprise the world, wanted to conquer it, wanted to have it all! Yes, this was betterment in my eyes. I was one of the scientists who researched on drones, developed their new versions and sold latest war weapons to many countries. I loved my job, my weapons and their results!
I was always on toes to develop more destructive weapons for the world. My first drone was able to cause destruction to 2000 km area; but it was nothing to me. I improved it and increased its range from 2000 to 4000 km. It was well applauded by many governments and they hired me to invent something that could cause more destruction as a prep to war.
It was a challenge to me. However, I accepted it and took five long years in introducing a nano drone that could destroy the whole continent with just one tap.
I took pains in researching for more modern techniques and redeveloping the older ones. I invented many dwarf-sized weapons that are common in wars and with terrorists. I was very fond of drastic and huge chain reactions. And my research was all focused on looking for new methods that could destroy buildings, properties and people—all in a blink. I took 30 years to develop such techniques. And finally invented a novel form of nano-drone  that was lesser than the size of an ant to devastate enemy’s land. “I sold it in trillions” he said and a teardrop fell from his left eye. “And became of victim of that bomb….myself!”

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